Monday, December 01, 2008

Pictures of the Living Room

Oh yeah.

We're that boring.

You know, I swear I have a camera in my hand all the time but when I went to get the before, OMG IT SUCKS!, and after pictures I couldn't find any. So we'll go with what I can find.

I picked two before pictures because seriously, neither one truly shows the hideousness of the colour. It's not a rich burgundy, a rowdy red or pleasing pink.

(I took this picture to write a complaint letter to the makers of the sofa. The thing wasn't even 2 years old and look at the back cushions all cock-eyed and misshaped. Sad!)

It's a sucky wimpy icky colour that I left on the walls because the rest of my house was (and still is) just as mind boggling and I didn't have the time.

(This picture was from Bob's 50th party)

So, do you think you have the scope of the horror of this colour?

Okay then, let's move on.
I'm using this picture (it's the final colour) but notice the hallway colour - notice how dark it is? The paint that I asked for for the living room was supposed to be 2 shades lighter.

2 shades.

Not 10 shades!

Okay, what's horrible about these pictures are that they don't show the change as much as in person.


The picture with Emma in it is the first colour choice. Look at the fireplace surround which is white. Now it was 3am when the picture was taken so you don't really see just how white the paint turned out to be. I put up a white cabinet door from our kitchen and was upset because the colour on the wall was so faint. In fact, it was like there was no colour on the wall at all.

Remember the hallway colour? Do the walls look like they are only 2 shades lighter?

Now you may be wondering why I painted two coats on the walls without stepping back and realizing that the colour was wrong? Well - did you see the original colour!? I think I was so happy to get the dungeon colour off the walls that I wasn't paying attention to how light the paint was. Not only that, I spent probably three days scraping the plaster and filling holes and cracks. I took my time because I wanted a nice finished result.

Imagine my internal upset when I looked at the walls in the light of day. Thank goodness I spoke up because I wasn't going to say anything but OMG it was wrong, wrong, wrong!!

I've learned the hard way now. I don't do wimpy colours. I can't do white and I can't do builders beige. I have white trim in my house for a reason. It's so I can see the trim against the paint colour on the walls!

So here is the final wall colour. Now you can see it's sunny out so it may look light but it's not. It's an earthy grey-brown.

In this picture you should clearly see the difference from the white fireplace and the wall colour.

I'm glad that Bob told me to re-paint. I thought for sure he was going to say 'suck it up' but he admitted that although he liked the colour I was right about the room feeling too cold.

Also, Bob is tickled pink that I bought the colour he picked out of the fan deck. The man is colour blind but I decided 'what the hell' and used his choice. Mine had more of a purple hue to it and it wouldn't have worked. But I'm going to love it in my bedroom!

All I have to do now is decide if I'm going to paint the dining room before Christmas. Honestly, it's keeping me busy and maybe it'll keep me from losing my sanity.

Oh, get this.

This morning our upstairs toilet overflowed.

How did we figure this out?

The hallway ceiling began dripping water.

Yep, we have to take the hallway ceiling down at some point.

At this rate my house won't be complete until 2025.

Bob got all revved up by my painting and hence, the new trim (not white yet) and the tearing down of the mantle. Let's not even mention the fact that the floors need to be sanded and stained dark.

I need TV.



C2 said...

I like the final color. Very nice...neutral but still a noticeable color - and I so am with you on the loathing of builder's beige. Ick!

Plumbing problems?? Yikes.

Seneca said...

We just did renovations on our bathroom. It took so long, but it looks wonderful now.

I like the final colour you picked. very nice :)

Rosie said...

Oh yeah...old color had to go. Love the new one. In fact, it made me antsy to start my bathroom reno, which now due to the new big-ass TV GG bought won't be for awhile.

nath said...

Love the final color! You know what, I probably should steer my parents towards those kind of colors the next time we paint the house.

The red/pink definitively had to go...

Ugh, so sorry about the plumbing ^_^;

Bookwormom said...

Very nice color, I agree. Not that you need my approval, but I always thought you pick nice colors for your walls. Plumbing problems, though, are ucky.

Rowena said...

Ooh that final color looks fantastic!