Thursday, December 18, 2008

Where's My Wife!?

This has been the refrain heard through our house in the mornings.

See, I have a confession to make.

I've been doing loads and loads and loads of laundry for days now and have been putting all the folded clothing away.

I know. I'm shocked also.

Poor Bob doesn't know where to look for his clothes. He normally paws through baskets of clean clothes to find what her needs.

This ain't so bad.


But my new thing is freaking me and Bob out.

I'm hand (and by hand I mean there is not a machine in sight) stitching Christmas gift bags.

And not just easy peasy lemon breezy kind of bags where you fold and stitch up two sides.

Oh, hell no.

I'm creating linings so when you gather the bag at the top, another pretty fabric shows inside.

Who am I!?

What worse, is I can't stop thinking about the next fabric combo! I even have fake fur so I can make a two men's bags for my dad and Bob!!

Bob got up this morning and I was sewing away.

He was all 'lookit you sewing and making things'

And I was all 'call someone, I think I'm broken!'

Get this, I had run out of gifts to make gift bags for and didn't know what to do with myself.

Tonight we went and basically finished our shopping for everyone else. (Bob and my mom are still on my list)

All I could think about were the bags I was going to sew.

Seriously, I'm scaring myself.

What happens when I finally have to put that needle down?

Oh wait, I'm multi-tasking! I'm putting on Dateline or 48 Hour Mysteries while I'm sewing so I get to 'watch' TV and make a gift bag.

How sick is that!

*deep breath in and out*

Here's hoping it will lead to me reading in the New Year. At this rate, I may actually have free time coming at me.

Next time I post pics of our Living Room with the new fireplace my hubby has built. Let's not talk about the painting I've been doing (trim) or the fact that I'm cleaning like I think the plague has visited our home.

And no.

I'm not thinking about sewing smaller bags with the left over its and bits for smaller items.


You know I am.


*in a tiny whisper voice*

And I want to buy more fabric.

Okay, that's it. No more confessions!

I'm ruining my lazy reputation and I won't have it.

Move along. Nothing to see here.


edited: The pictures are sideways. I don't know. My camera has been doing weird things lately. I should reset it to it's original format and see if it works again.


Marg said...

I love those gift bags. They look great!

nath said...

Oh gosh!! They're sooo nice!! hey, if you have any extra, you could keep them for next year... or you could give it away to your good friends :)

LOL, enjoy the hobby while your motivation for it lasts :D That's my advice :D

Kat O+ said...

Wow, those bags look great. I can barely sew a hem (and actually, I don't--I use double-sided tape until I can get it repaired). You sound like you're having a great lead-up to Christmas. (My Christmas season hasn't started yet. It will when I panic shop on Sunday.)

LinnieGayl said...

Those bags are beautiful, Cindy! I'm impressed. I don't even have the energy at the moment to go out and buy gift bags.

Bookwormom said...

They look wonderful! If we lived closer I'd come & hug you to see if your industriousness rubs off.

I heard a rumor that Santa finally bought me a *whisper* new sewing machine. Next year I'll be a sewing fiend. LOL :) I've a tropical island for sale too.