Tuesday, January 06, 2009



Went on a bit of a breather I did!

I'm touching base because I'm so tired right now it's all I can do to keep my eyes open. I have no clue why other than I seem to only be able to sleep about 8 hours in a row for the past few nights. My body really wants to go back to 'pre-December' body rules.

Did I mention the waist bands on my jeans are starting to hurt?


Not happy.

Also, I'm messing up my meds - can't remember when I took them last etc. (I have a pill sorter but stopped using it when I changed meds - the headaches I've been getting the past few days have been ugly so I definitely need to get my self together!)

I've opened my first book for the year and started reading. It's Suzanne Brockmann's Freedom's Price. It was first published as a Loveswept and it looks like an early version of Max and Gina only with a smaller age gap. I can tell you I'm having a hard time getting sucked in but I think real life is still messing with my mind.

I've rented and watched a ton of movies but the best one of the lot so far has been The Duchess with Kiera Knightly - I got totally sucked in and now want to know more about these three people who lived a different lifestyle 200 years ago. The movie - I don't think although I don't know for sure - is not accurate in the accounting of Georgina and Bess's lives with the Duke. So I'm very curious about them.

Ghostown was a movie I was looking forward to but it looks like they stripped all the funny parts out. So it was a dud for me.

The Women sucked elephant dung. It was painful.

I have 5 movies rented out - Burn After Reading, Bangkok something, Babylon AD, Mama Mia, and the DeNiro movie. We'll see if any of them are worth the effort.

Okay, off to veg in front of the TV - we'll see if I can keep my eyes open long enough to watch a show. It's 11pm now and I know if I go lay down I'll be awake again in 2 hours and I'll throw my whole sleep thing out of whack.

Wouldn't be an issue but my Dad and my Mom are heading back to Malaysia on Sunday (my mom's first time) and Friday night I'm doing a B-day/Bon Voyage thing for my Mom. So timing and sleep need to be kept as rigid as possible.

Next Monday I'll probably fall asleep and wake up three days later.


~ames~ said...

Hey Cindy. Glad you stopped in, I was missing you...said the woman who's been MIA for a while. LOL

Hope things return to "normal" soon.

I watched the Dutchess and absolutely loved it. I bought the book which I should be getting any day now. I almost cried when G asked her husband why he had to take her only friend away from her. Awwww. Check out the wikipedia page on her, that's what I did immediately after watching the movie. It just made me want to learn more. And did you see the DVD extra? The letters that were saved by G and Bess are shown. Very interesting stuff.

nath said...

Hi Cindy!! I'm glad you're back, e missed you!!

Watching movies is good :D My sister and I went to wal-mart... and we bought 20 DVDs!! She was bored, LOL, so was looking for something to watch.

I'm not too sure if The Duchess is going to be my cup of tea... but seems like many are enjoying it :D

So, how's your father? Is he well? Hope your mom enjoys her trip to Malaysia!!

and hope everything goes back to normal for you very soon...

by the way, the Suzanne Brockmann, it might be the book and not you :D

C2 said...

There you are! Hi! *waves*

I'm in the middle of Forbidden, the prequel for Freedom's Price. It's okay so far.

January has gotten off to a slow start, hasn't it? Or maybe that's the cold medicine talking.

Bookwormom said...

I hope your mom enjoys her trip. The change of scenery & weather will cheer her up, I'm sure. Not watching any movies, we've been playing with the XBox Santa brought.

Bookwormom said...

Tag- You're it! Book meme here. Hope you can do it! :)


Rosie said...

I'm still catching up which is why I'm posting this a week after you wrote it. I swear I'm going to keep up with everyone though. I've got a system. Now to see if it works...

I see I wasn't the only busy one in December. Hand made Christmas bags??? Wow! Did everyone ooooh and ahhhh?

Kwana said...

I'm with you on The Women. I have to see The Duchess. Can't wait for the rest of the reviews. Glad you're back