Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Cold? No Thanks!

I'm setting a bad precedent for this year by being MIA as much as I have been.

Bad Cindy.

First excuse, and really, it's a good one, the AAR Annual Reader's Poll is up and running and I'm one of the people who tally the votes.

So me and Excel are tight yet again.

Bob is on a business trip but gets back tomorrow night and I will have to start working on numbers for last month and the 4 previous. Hey, I was let go and hired back for a month - sometimes life is good. I could use the dough!

Parents are now successfully in Kuala Lumpur and you would think this would mean more Cindy time - WRONG!

Snow is dumping by the foot and a driveway and cat (parent's house) need to be tended to. I haven't been feeling too well the last few days so the next few will be 'catch up' days.


One of my best buds wants to come out tomorrow but I'm not sure I'm well enough and yeah, I mean that in body and brains. My mind is playing games for sure and with sleep being a pain in the arse I get panicky.

On that note, it's time for my SAD light to come and spread some joy.

On a completely different one, I got a dream interpretation book for Christmas (yeah, my family are a bunch of yuk, yuks) but Dude, I've been having dreams of packing for about 6 months. I'm so sick of packing shit in my sleep, we never have enough boxes, I have to pull stuff out that might be other people's etc.

And weirdly it's usually my Gram's house and I'm packing with help from all the family only, I didn't know everyone was coming and I don't have gifts for everyone - yeah, Christmas plays a role. Luckily Bob does make appearances although they are too short and the house has been renoed to within an inch of it's life. Like crazy stuff.

Only, we moved my Gram when I was 16 and I haven't seen that house since. And my beloved Gram has been gone for 8 years and the last time the whole family was together for Christmas was long before I was 16.

Oh, but there was a pony in the house this time - let me check the book.


It was a white pony (and by this I'm sure it was a foal) :

Looking at a foal: expect a very happy event to take place soon. A white horse in a dream heightens the meaning of the positive symbols. pg 202

Packing your belongings: expect life-changing events with worries, a shift in attitude, or possibly a separation. pg 292

Dreaming of moving out of your home means changes in your personal life are imminent. You are changing your habits, present situation, or your attitude toward life. pg 267
From Dreamer's Dictionary, Garuda


The other weird thing I noticed lately is that my penmanship is different. So much so that at times I notice just how different it is while writing a number in a way I never have before.

And that whole sewing Christmas bags threw me too.

In terms of normal every day life I'm still my lazy self so I guess I'm not changing too much.

I'll also note that trying to interpret dreams with a book is hard. There's no 'packing up dead Gramma's house' in there. And half the things I first tried to look up had nothing.

But it was funny today when I woke up and remembered that white baby horse.

Definitely best part of a dream I'm sick of seeing over and over and over again.

Next up I'll do a meme I was tagged for on books by Bookwormom.

I heard those grateful sighs of relief.

Hell, even I'm relieved!

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