Friday, January 30, 2009


Amber had her vet visit today - I was soooo tired and pained (not physical but just mentally dull).


She's hopefully going to be fine!!


Thyroid is over active so new pills for Amber. Something about 2nd stage liver OR kidney disease (I get those organs mixed up but I'm thinking it was the kidney one) So she has to be on a low protein diet (bad Cindy with all that chicken!) so it doesn't over tax the organ.

There could also be something in her frontal lobe - she's blind but it's progressing in that her pupils no longer dilate. So there is progression but hey, what do you expect in an older cat. The hopefully good news is that she will be on the mend over the next month and we'll have our 'average' sized cat back in our lives again.

So vera happy!!


I'm reading!!!

I had to go to the land of last resort.

Okay, maybe the land of second to last resort cause I didn't bust out an Anne Stuart.


I busted out a Diana Palmer.

Yay I did!!

And it's wonderfully wrong in all her magical ways. Asshole alpha jerks with preconceived notions of the heroine, the heroine who is so virginal it's painful and God, so young. I'm so enthralled that I can see at least three other guys who should probably have their own stories with their own 'young and virginal' teenag-uh, women.

The last time I read a Palmer it was like her editor told her to do everything completely different. Man can't be an asshole, heroine should be a bit older, he should be nice to her and she should know he loves her.

It was drek and boring and OW, my brain hurts just thinking about it.

But this little gem - A Brand New Long, Tall Texan Story! (right on the cover) Heart of Stone from Special Edition Silhouette is like a hot bowl of chili with soft fresh bread and an ice cold coke all wrapped into a cozy little package. Yummy goodness I tell ya.

I started it at the vets when Amber had her hour of tests. I was hooked and I'm loving it!

Reading. It's all about the comfort of the soul.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a bunch of GCs for Chapters that can be more than used up on some of her backlist that I ran from over the past few years.


LinnieGayl said...

Good news about Amber, Cindy! Enjoy your reading.

Bookwormom said...

Glad to hear you have a way to help Amber get better. Happy reading! :)

C2 said...

Yay for good kitty-related news and for reading!

Guess what I'm reading? LOL

ReneeW said...

So glad to hear that Amber is on the mend. My kitty (Bailey) is better too. After a week of no eating, her appetite came back and she's gained some of her weight back. I'm trying to pamper her. You know, I don't think I have read any Diana Palmer. What's your favorite of hers? I love a good alpha jerk once in a while.

sybil said...

omg do I not have this palmer...

hmmm I am sure I have it on e but ::looks at stack of books::

I need to read those first but really it is that good? le gasp maybe a peek just to be sure I has...

yay good amber news

CindyS said...

Thanks everybody - I'm very happy and hoping to see a 'new' Amber in a few weeks!

I finished the Palmer and even though the hero did have ass moments, he wasn't really the kind of hero I remember. And he had a reason - which they usually don't.

And the sex was poor. I'm just saying, Palmer can pull out all the stops but this was weak.


sybil said...

Well I didn't have it in print and of course can't drive anywhere so you are safe. If it had been like 4 months ago and I had gone out looking for it and it had sucked poor would you have been in trouble. LOL

It might be in a box of course I oh so very smartly seem to have put the DP books on a shelf behind my bed. ::blink:: maybe to keep me from them while I start reviewing again?