Friday, January 23, 2009


1. I'm still here.

2. This post is just a glob of information to explain lack of blogging. I think it should get a special name.

3. I'm working on the AAR Annual Poll which takes up some time.

4. I'm working (as in a job) for probably the next 5 days and then the contract will be up. Yeah, I'm sad but I know Bob and I are blessed and the job was more about 'me' and 'self-worth' and such than the actual money. But the money was nice. Real nice.

5. I got on the scale the other day and saw the highest number I've ever seen. I'm in denial but I can't understand how it's not possible. I mean, it's a scale, what the hell else is it there for except to tell me my weight. So I lost 15 lbs last year and gained 16 in what, 3 months? Makes me pukish it does.

6. So you know I have to start exercising and of course, WW but I mentioned the denial thing and my brain isn't there. I really think you need to be in the zone mentally but I know I'm not there. Which sucks because when I put on a pair of jeans I'm about in tears. Anyone have any idea how to get my head in the game? I'm throwing a life line here peeps.

7. Amber, my beautiful blind kitty, is probably very sick. She's 16 years old now and she has lost so much weight. All the same she is the happiest cat in the world. You just have to touch her or call her name and she starts purring. The purr is sounding hoarse. I'm taking her to the vet on Monday - I think she has cancer or something like that and is on her way. However, if I cook up a chicken breast and cut it all up and give it to her she acts like she's starved. I have hope it's something else but at least she is one happy kitty.

8. On that extremely sad note I can honestly tell you I miss Cody more and more every day. My mother commented during Christmas 'I thought you weren't a dog person' and I said 'I didn't think I was.' I'm watching a show on the Iditarod - about mushers and their mushing dogs and I was about in tears when I saw how pooped these dogs are after running for hours on end. And some of them have Cody's face.

9. I so badly want to get sucked into a great book. I have to stop worrying about it and just let it happen already.

10. I figured I was at 9, we could use a 10. OH!! I'm addicted to Word Challenge on Facebook thanks to Rowena. She mentioned it and I love word games you can play yourself and BAM addiction.

Those are all the globula taking up my time at the moment. I hope you are all staying warm, finding time to read and enough couch time to catch your favourite shows - LOST ROCKS!!

So does Battlestar Galactica!! (I think I may have a theory although I can't fit Starbuck into it because I don't believe she is a cylon)

Bad Cindy. Must learn time management.

Wonder if they have a book on that?


AAR Rachel said...

I still miss Ro-Ro very much and, when I think of her on her little bed - which is still by my bed even though no one uses it - start to cry.

I'm sorry about your kitty and about your evil scale. My scale has also gone over to the dark side. Betrayer!

I have a couple more books to read and then I will vote!

Bookwormom said...

(((Cindy))) I'm with you on the scale thing. I went to the doctor yesterday & saw the highest number I've ever seen- even when I was pregnant. Very depressing. Very very depressing. Then again, there's no one else to blame. I'm the one hoisting the fork. I'm doing better with the eating thing but exercise? Still not there.

Re: Amber & Cody. I've got nothing for you except more hugs. It's so hard to watch our furry ones when they're ill and suffering.

Mollie said...

Sorry to hear about the weight gain. It's so hard to get off but oh so easy to put back on in a hurry. I've been doing WW for about 7 weeks now. I've lost about 8.5 lbs. The last several weeks I've really been struggling to lose anything. Le sigh. It's always an up hill battle, no? But the best way to get me jump started is to do some sort of exercise. Even if it's just walking. Because that'll show me how out of shape I am and usually gets my ass in gear. But that's just me.

I LOVE that LOL cats. So printing that out and pasting it in my 3 month tracker/journal......

As Nike says, "Just do it!"

Megan Frampton said...

Like you, I lost last year, and gained it all back, plus a pound. I went back on WW, and what I like about them is that every day is a fresh start. Who cares what I did yesterday? I can do good today! So far I've lost five pounds, yay.

I also just read parts of the Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper's book. It is helpful, although I'm not usually a weight loss book kind of gal. I had to interview him for my freelance job, and his book was surprisingly helpful.

C2 said...

I hope it's something simple and easy to fix with Amber. ((((Cindy))))

And darn that Rowena and her word games - I've been sucked in, too!

LOST=awesomeness! :-D

Kristie (J) said...

I'm sorry to hear that Amber isn't doing so well. And it's OK to still miss and mourn Cody - he was such a big part of your and Bob's life - it only makes sense that you are going to miss him for some time to come.
How about a visitor when things settle down for you and like isn't so hectic?

Amy said...

I'm totally with you on loving your pets so much it's unreal. I really hope Amber's health issue is not a serious one. And {{hugs}} on Cody! My Baron is about 15 years old now, and the age is starting to show, and that really just breaks my heart.

LinnieGayl said...

Oh Cindy, my heart goes out to you. Big hugs to you and sweet Amber.

CindyS said...

AARRachel - I knew you would understand because of Rosie. I just never knew how much I would miss him. I miss his face. I miss the kisses (He was such a ham, he would turn his face to the right and I would kiss his check and then he would turn his face to the left and I would kiss his other cheek and then he would put his head downwards and I would kiss his forehead - I called him my European puppy). Since I didn't grow up with dogs I didn't know how much a part of your life they become. I miss letting him out in the yard!! Seriously, that's just weird ;)

Bookwormom - I know. Wouldn't it be nice to blame something or someone other than ourselves? Nope. Totally me eating M&Ms by the mitt full. Now I do hold my BF responsible since she gave these two large bags as Xmas gifts. Seriously. Overweight people don't want help gaining more weight. We're doing great all on our own!!

Mollie - Yay you!! Just do it eh? Okay. But not tonight ;)

Meagan - Yay you!! WW really does work. I just hate thinking about everything I eat in a day. Pop should be 0 points. Regular pop. Cause diet pop makes my panic attacks outta control. I have a treadmill and some weight. A yoga mat and some DVDs - I'm going to concentrate on muscles and cardio - that will probably make me want to eat better. And if not, I'll be one strong fat woman!

C2 - thanks! I think I'll take her in on Tuesday - I'll probably be asleep by the time they can take her tomorrow. Like I said, she's really happy, she just has no weight on her.


Kristie(J) Thanks! I think I even have a Prime Rib roast around here somewhere ;) Would love a visit - thinking February cause this Arctic wind has to leave soon, right?

Amy - thanks. I knew they would have to go at some point but those darn puppies act like puppies until the day they go. Our Rocky was 14 and running around the night before like he was a year old. Give Baron an extra hug for me - have I mentioned I've been hugging random dogs on the street. I'm not sure the owners know what to do about me. Luckily the neighbours knew so they just look the other way ;)

LinnieGayl - thanks hon. Amber is just the best kitty. Clean as a button (I get her good when she's giving herself a bath. I'll reach in and touch her with my finger and say 'missed a spot' and she'll immediately have to clean that area again. I figured out years ago that when she's in bathing mode, touching is forbidden. Somehow she still loves me) She always lays with me when I'm sick and now I will go and pick her up and put her in my lap while I watch TV.

Thanks everyone!

nath said...


Miss you a lot. Glad to hear an update from you, although it isn't a cheerful one. I hope everything will go well with Amber.

CindyS said...

Thanks Nath - I miss you too. I'm slowly fattening Amber up!


Rowena said...

LMAO, you're addicted to Word Challenge too? Oh it's great to not be the only one! haha.

I'm with you on the weight thing, I'm just not there in my head but I should really, really, really get my head in the game because seriously, it's depressing.