Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pulling Up My Socks

Rough weekend with my anxiety for some reason but I'm through it and feeling much better on the other side.

I just finished my paying gig.

Has me happy and sad at the same time - happy to have nothing on my mind-Shut up-Sad cause I won't be making any money.

Turns out I like money.

But I try not to dwell on the sad stuff in my life. Again, zip it.

So positive things: (this picture tickled my procrastination bone)

1. We have resorted to feeding Amber real food. No more canned crap for her. I ordered in Swiss Chalet (it's a chicken place up here) and I never eat all the chicken because sometimes it's pink and yeah, they say that's natural but I'm saying- uh no!


So I plucked that chicken breast clean of all it's meat and chopped it up into little pieces and gave some to Amber. She ate and purred and ate and purred.

Then the other night I thought about having a tuna sandwich (I have to say at this point that I never thought watching Deadliest Catch would affect my eating) and opened a can of tuna. Only I bought that 'solid' kind.

Which means you can kind of *see* the fish. Hush. It's my story and I'm telling you this thing had a head and tail.

In my mind.

So I decided to flake it up and feed it to Amber.


Bob has also started to feed her shredded cheddar. (I'm not sure that's the greatest idea but hey, she doesn't look like skin and bones right now)

I'm planning on taking out a frozen chicken breast and boiling it. Bob doesn't think you can boil chicken. Cute man. Course it's boneless and stuff but I'm hoping it'll cook up nice for Amber.

2. I think I'll be day walking for the next week or so, so I'm hopefully going to get Amber over to the vet early Wednesday morning. I know blood work and stuff will need to happen but again, I'm crossing my fingers that it's just Emma (or Miss Fatty Patty) pushing her out of her bowl.

We stand guard over Amber when she eats now. Damn, she's a slow eater.

3. BOOK ROOM!! I'm excited to get into my book room because Bob has made it his dumping ground for his clothes, fancy boxes our new drapes came in (hey, I'll have to post a pic) and other *stuff or crap* that seems to enter this house on a daily basis.

Not cool.

I also have to get re-acquainted with my TBR pile so I know what I have and what I need.

4. It's early for sure but I have the 'spring cleaning' bug and hey, I need to grab that kind of energy when I can.

It usually lasts a full hour!

5. Ohhh, found a great tile place from my favourite design show called Design Inc. Bob went to Toronto today and picked up the multi-layered marble tile I've been looking for for about 6 months. I'm very excited and Bob wants to take me there on Saturday because there are tons of other different kind of tiles there.

Yes. I get excited about stone, tiles, paint, wood (yeah, baby) fabrics.

On that note I need to post before and after pictures of the gorgeous fireplace makeover my hubby did just before Christmas. It's faboo and the room now feels completely different - cozy and warm.

Okay, I've talked your ear off so I'll go and see what you guys have been up to.

Better things than me I bet!


C2 said...

A friend of mine cooked for her doggie everyday. He got 2 chicken breasts plus some of whatever they were having (shepherd/rottie mix). The chicken was vet approved the other food was not. :o)

And I need a book room...could Bob come build me one, please?

nath said...

LOL, I think we all like mulah :)

I hope that Amber gets better!!

Bookroom... sigh, you're so lucky!! :)

Hey, how's your house coming? any new progress?

Bookwormom said...

I'm glad you've gotten Amber to eat. Heaven knows, eating always makes me feel better! :)

I'm thinking about repainting my tiny, closet sized bathroom, but I'm afraid I'll run out of steam in the meantime so I've not done it yet.

Please put your pics up, they're very inspiring!

Rowena said...

I like money too sweets! =) But man, you ate tuna and pictured head and tail on that thing? Pukey!

Goodness, it'd be a dream to get a book room...I so wish, you're lucky!