Friday, June 05, 2009

Busy? Me? Yep

Bob's off for the next two days (Fri/Sat) so it'll be a Bob and Cindy palooza!

Bob's been working at his brother's house every Sat for the last few months so it's nice he'll be here for two whole days in a row. Since it's supposed to rain on Sunday he decided to go to the bro's on that day instead.

So yeah, I'll be busy.

Also, AAR's Favorite Books by Favorite Authors is running so I'm counting up ballots and such.

Got my mom out of the house tonight (she's not been feeling well for the past week) so she ate an actual meal for the first time. It's funny, we go to her house after dinner and Bob will fall asleep in a chair. At 10pm I knock Bob's foot and tell him it's time to go and my Mom says 'why'd you wake him, he was just going down for the count!'

Yeah, my Mom is lonely. And Bob was down for the count for 2 hours already!

Must be a better daughter.

It's just tonight we managed to stumble onto 2 awkward discussions.

1. My mother wanting me to get an education so I could take care of myself. (I guess I could take care of myself but I have Bob and he loves me the way I am) I have the fancy education I just never did anything with it. Bad Cindy.

2. My former best friend's other friend she no longer keeps in touch with. Since I won't talk about former BF, I can't say why another of her childhood friends got left in the dust.

So after 2nd awkward moment I decided it was time to go home. Lord knows what could have come up next.

1. No such thing as panic attacks.
2. Laziness is not a real hobby.
3. You lead a charmed life. (yes I do but pot is calling kettle - just sayin')
4. What if Bob leaves you. (yep, I always get out the door before that one. Sure to have me crying on poor Bob for an hour)


That was my night.

I think it was much better than poopy kitty night so I'll take it.


nath said...

LOL, honestly Cindy, everything is better than a poopy kitty night, right? LOL :)

Ugh, awkward conversations indeed. You did good hitting the door before the others were brought up ^_^;

If you got a fancy education already, then you don't need another one... trust me.

LinnieGayl said...

EEEK! What a conversation. Not sure it's better than poopy kitty.


Rosie said...

I HATE the awkward conversations. People (read family members) say they want you to be honest and then when you are they tell YOU that what you just said isn't what YOU really think. Exhausting. Lying to make them feel better is easier.

Rosie said...

Oops! Yes I'm horribly out of the loop so fill me in on the Canadian blogger get together.

Bookwormom said...

Man, conversations with mothers. What a minefield. I need to drop by & look at that poll.

BTW- I nominated you for an award.