Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Okay, I have to admit that I have lost my book. I think it's in a car (we have 4) and I haven't really looked hard but I'm calling it a day.

Don't matter now anyways because in two weeks I'll be having special guests for the Canadian Blogger get together!

Now some of you might wonder why I'm not worried about reading for the next two weeks.

Cause I'll be doing a bajillion other things.

And by bajillion I mean 12.

Things will be cleaned and dis-infected.

My best friend needed some money and bless her she called me and said 'I'm working for you so I need 60 bucks'. She knows if I couldn't afford it I would say no but hey, I knew what was coming up. So she's going to come and help me clean and damn, when you are paying that woman she works like a beast. I'm telling you objects that were never meant to shine will be spit polished by my BF.

I may even pay her more if she can help me with some of the 'other' stuff that is not on Bob's mental to-do list.

Right now though, I'm treading water and going under every few kicks.

See, now that Bob's mind has gone to the outdoors, things inside the home get left behind.

Where my husband was thrilled by the glossy white sink he put in just before Christmas, it is now a dull comparison to the new mulch he is trucking in for the gardens. So dishes that were once hand washed daily by hubby, are now being stacked in the sink and drown in water.

Pet peeve alert.

I hate dishes in a sink. I hate dishes in a sink splashed with water. I hate dishes in a full sink of water. I hate having to touch them and reach in the sink to get to them. My husband (whom I love dearly) does not scrape his dishes. Not scraping a dish means that the crust of pizza hubby wouldn't eat gets some water on it and it expands.


He puts his oatmeal pot in the sink with water. Guess what happens to burnt on oatmeal? It expands and looks like beige puke.


I would rather he leave the dishes on the counter right by the dishwasher because it's easy and I'm not dealing with water dripping on the floor or splashing on other food stuffs on other dishes in the DAMN SINK!

AND, if you leave the oatmeal pot on the stove for the day the oatmeal dries and just flakes off. No pukey gelatinous sheep intestine like floating stuff in MY FRIGGIN SINK!!

End Pet Peeve

Phew. I think I'm good.

On that gross note here's a little story of my night last night.


Once upon a time Cindy's most beautious long haired kitty Emma had a problem.

Cindy realized that there might be a problem brewing in her home when the noticeably strong smell of poop hit her in the face while playing on the computer. Knowing this was not a good sign she went looking to find out where exactly her most beautious kitty Emma (yes, we know which kitty can peel paint) had had an accident.

After pacing through the house Cindy realized the problem was going to be much bigger than she thought.

She couldn't find the poop.

Princess of Gorgeous Locks Emma meanwhile was mewling and looking quite upset.

Now those of you with long haired kitties might know that they can get cling-ons every once in a while.

This however, was not Emma's problem. So much.

No, Emma had diarrhea. And it hadn't quite left her bum section.

Aside: *GAG*

Cindy filled the bathroom sink with warm soapy water and quickly dunked Diva Emma's behind into the water. Sadly the water turned to poop. Sadder still, Cindy had not been able to find even 1 of the 14 pairs of rubber gloves she normally keeps in the house and was forced to launch her hand into the vessel sink and let the water out.

Much crying and mewling was heard. We'll leave it to you, dear reader, to discern who exactly was making such a racket. Cindy continued to clean the poor disheveled princess Emma until her mewling turned to muttered growls. Time was up.

Cindy barely had time to wrap a towel around Emma before she took off with a drenched sorry looking tail.

Cindy then washed her hands at the very least 8 times with soap and hot water.

An hour later the precious Emma was in the living room trying to clean her saturated fur when Cindy came in to murmur to her how she was the most beautiful kitty in the world.

It didn't take much longer for Emma to realize that even after this near tragedy, she was still the most beautiful kitty of them all and fell into a purring nap.

Cindy sighed knowing that the princess was content and no longer upset.

And she went and washed her hands again.

And one more time, just in case.

The End.


Bookwormom said...

OMG. What an experience. *gulp* Much sympathy coming your way. Hope Emma feels better.

nath said...

Ugh, poor you Cindy. That is why I don't have any pets ^_^;

Hope it won't happen again!

Kat O+ said...

Oh, Cindy, I think this is the funniest thing I've read in ages! I've had to do something similar for human poo (leaking on MY BED, running down my arm) so you have my sympathy! (But I'm still laughing. Heh.)

LinnieGayl said...

Bob, Bob, don't leave dirty dishes in water!

But, poor princess Emma, good princess Cindy for cleaning up Emma...and oh yeah, as the mommy of a long-haired kitty, I know exactly what you're talking about...ew!

ReneeW said...

OMG we are twins. I hate dishes in a sink filled with water. NEVER do that. My Bob loves to soak dishes BUT he does scrap first. I do have a pair of rubber gloves always handy in the rack attached to inside cupboard door. Poor kitty Emma but I couldn't help laughing.

C2 said...

I'm also strongly against dishes in icky sink water. Ick. I rinse off my dishes under running water before putting them in the dishwasher. Yes, I know the environment hates me...I'm wasteful. Whatever. ;-)

Also, poor princesses Emma and Cindy! Blargh. >.<

CindyS said...

Amanda, Nath - you get used to what you will do when your pet is in a 'situation'. I know Amanda has kids so you've probably been through worse but since I have not kids, this is traumatic! ;)

Kat - I'm glad I made you laugh - I wasn't laughing at the time. I always panic when I know one of the critters is in trouble and instead of filling up the tub (huge), I filled up the smallest sink in the house. Dumb.

LinnieGayl - I haven't shown Bob the sink part yet. Poor Bob. He always threatens to create his own blog where only the truth will be spoken. Good thing he's too busy outdoors now.

I'm going to call someone about a lion cut for Emma. The last time I called it was 300 bucks. Ow. I have tried shaving her myself but her fur is so soft and fluffy that you have to hold it straight out to get it to cut. By then she's mad and swiping.

Renee - I know!!

My rubber gloves get moved into unknown cabinets after I'm done cleaning. I always leave them out to dry and then they are gone. I have discovered a few out in the garage. And mops. I can't keep one in our house for trying. Bob gets mad because I'm always buying mops. I get mad because Bob will use a mop in the garage and then expect me to use it in my kitchen. Uh, no.

Oh, AND, when we moved to this house I specifically bought three toilet brushes cause I had three bathrooms. I think I had 3 for about a week. I've been living with 2 because Bob took one to the last reno house. Gee, Bob. Feel free to shop at home. It's also where many of my mops ended up.

C2 - Hey rinse away. I refuse to because the dishwasher I bought bloody well better clean the dishes. It's that or become a hat on some poor salesperson's head. Just saying.