Thursday, June 11, 2009

They'll Be Here Soon!

As Nath and Kristie may have mentioned, we're having a Canadian Blogger meet up this Saturday.

Sadly Ames can't make it this trip and we won't get to see Seneca but, we get to meet two new people Lea and Mary!

Now you all know I've met Kristie a few times and Nath just once but hey, she lives like 8 hours away! So Kristie and Nath will come to my house on Friday afternoon to stay over for 2 sleeps.

I'm thinking on Friday we'll head into the city of Burlington to visit two used bookstores that do have a decent (or used to) romance section and then dinner and then to the big box bookstores. The Burlington Chapters romance section is screaming hot. It's probably one of the best kept romance sections I've ever seen in a bookstore. I haven't been there in a wee bit so hopefully the buyer there has remained!

Oh wait, the World's Biggest (formerly) Bookstore (that's us on the last meet up) once upon a time had the best romance section and we did clean them out the last time we all were there but we aren't hitting Toronto on this tour.

Saturday morning here in my sleepy little town is apparently Heritage Days. Yeah, I just found out yesterday because of road closure signs. Easy. Bob reads the local paper and even he didn't know it was Heritage Days so be gentle on me. Anyways, I figure it Kristie and Nath get up way earlier than me they can easily walk up and see the sights and sounds.

The plan so far is to meet Lea and Mary at a local restaurant away from the busy main street. (Makes me sad because I found the greatest little patio on the main drag just this past week to go and eat at but I'm betting it will be packed). Hit Chapters and then if they want to hit another we can go up to a new Indigo that was just recently opened.

Then we come back and sit by the pool.

Yeah, that's right, the pool.


On that note, maybe you guys can send up some hot air from where ever you are. Seriously, I've been in the pool 3 times this year and each time getting out was a nightmare because it was so cold. 20 C is not as warm as you all might think!

The pool will be 83 F.

Yeah, baby.

So afternoon of shopping, fun and sun.

Then a BBQ. Which reminds me I need to buy some rum so I can make up my bucket of Pina Coladas that you put in the freezer and eat like slushies. Yum.

At this time there are no set plans for Sunday. I'm not sure if Nath and Kristie are going to be poolside women or be looking to do something else.

So yes, I'm excited and can't wait!

And yet, I have more chores that need to be done. Bedding in the house is currently being washed and more dusting must occur. Then the floors will be done. And finally the main upstairs bathroom needs to be de-cluttered.

Tomorrow night I invited Bob and I to my mother's house for a meatloaf dinner. Yes, I'm that kind of daughter.


She was mentioning how she had made up a meatloaf and put it in the freezer but she couldn't imagine making all that food just for herself. So I said, great, Bob and I will be there for dinner on Thursday!

You know I don't normally cook.

I have mentioned my Mom is lonely, right?

We were out with her Tuesday night for dinner and some shopping so I'm doing my daughterly duty. I hear my brother may make an appearance this weekend. About friggin' time!

Oops. I said that out loud.

Ah well, so if on Monday you are cruising around blog land and wondering where I am - coma.

Until then, I'm thinking there will be lots of little updates from us as we play through the weekend!


LinnieGayl said...

Have a great blogger meet! It sounds like soooo much fun!

Kristie (J) said...

LOL, sorry to keep you so busy :)

By the way, is it possible to have a pitcher of virgin pina colada? I really don't hold alcohol well and I might just drown in your pool LOL :)

Can't wait to see you!

Nath (using Kristie's account, cos I'm too lazy to sign out and in ^_^; )

C2 said...

Ooooh, such merriment and mayhem will ensue!! I expect a full report. :-D