Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miserable? Me?

Thankfully I'm not wallowing in complete misery. I'm just doing every thing I can to keep what I thought were allergies from turning into a summer cold.


Summer colds are the worst. In the winter, fine, it's crappy out anyways and I have plenty of cold meds to knock me out.

In the summer though I don't want any down time. None.

And I have a pool.

Ever gone swimming when you don't feel well.

It sucks.

It could be much worse though, I could have a full fledged cold.

So I'll lay low this week.

Now I just have to decide - NyQuil the mother or let it be.

Oh crap, I just remembered I have to take Emma to the groomers where they will shave most of her fur off on Thursday morning. She'll be put out at first but once I remind her she is the most beautiful kitty ever she'll settle down.

Aww, here she is with George the squirrel. See all the beautiful fur? Gone on Thursday. For the best over the summer as she gets too hot and we remember what happened with the 'poop' a week ago.

Definitely don't want a second act with that.

So if I NyQuil it has to be tonight. Cause NyQuil don't hold no punches.

Down. For. The. Count.


nath said...

Oh no, Cindy! I sure hope you don't get sick!! That really sucks!

LOL, don't forget to take a picture of her highness Emma once she gets groomed :D

CindyS said...

Nath - I'm fighting the good fight and we'll see if Emma will come out from hiding after the shave. D-day tomorrow ;)


C2 said...

Oh noes! Summer colds are the worst!

Do you get Emma a lion cut? They look so funny right after. Not that they find it even slightly amusing. LOL

Mary G said...

Hey Cindy
Hope you feel better soon.