Sunday, June 14, 2009

For Nath

What all cat lovers know is that their precocious little critter is highly offended by closed doors.

I had guests this weekend and knowing in advance that Nath was allergic to cats I washed down the book room, washed the bedding and closed the bedroom door.

That was Wednesday night.

Nath left Sunday at 3:30pm.

And this was taken at 5pm.

Once upon a time you would trip over Amber right at the door but now that she is blind she's not aware of closed doors. She only knows a door is closed if Bob or I are on the other side. Then there is some crying to let us know she wants in NOW.

Anyways, Kristie is safely home and Nath I think is still on the train. She'll e-mail me when she gets in.

And with that, I'll sign off after a wonderful weekend. I'll post a few pics later but I know Nath has many and she might want to put them up on her blog.

Oh! And Nath and Kristie taught me a few things about the sidebars so hopefully I can put up some books in the sidebar like 'Keepers' 'Currently Reading' etc.


Update: Lea has posted pics and re-counted the day. The first two pics were taken by Bob and he was trying to get the 'Chapters' sign in the picture which explains why we look like ants ;) Go here for a visit.

Update 2: Nath has made it home with all her books intact! So everyone is snug as a bug in their own homes. I will now sign off and fall into my sleep coma.


Lea said...

Hi Cindy!

Great picture, your kitty looks very happy now. lol

I posted pictures at my blog already.

Thank you so much again for your hospitality.


nath said...

I'm soooo sorry Emma!

LOL :) very cute picture and she looks very, very comfy! I now feel so bad!

I had a great time as well! You can go ahead and post pictures... I don't have that many :(

I'll take a pic of my new books soon :)

CindyS said...

Nath - don't feel bad at all!! Did you see the rest of the house she could have laid her princess fur on? I just thought it was so funny. We did predict it though didn't we ;)


Kristie (J) said...

LOL - my cats were the same! I don't think that Nath was out the door for one minute before they made their way in the room.

I had a wonderful time with everyone and was sorry when I had to head home.

Mary G said...

Hi Cindy
I miss you & Bob & the bloggers already. I told my hubby how nice Bob was taking us around to the different bookstores. All I got was "oh Yeah?". thanks again for everything especially the laughs & the hugs. Can't wait to see you again.

CindyS said...

Lea - great pics! Too bad Bob still didn't manage to get the sign in ;) Looking forward to seeing you again!

Kristie - it's a good think we love the furry critters or we'd be in trouble! Even though the weekend is over and I'm a touch blue I know we'll all see each other again. Too much fun was had!

Mary - your poor hubby! He was probably wondering who the wise guy was who chaperoned his wife all day ;) We'll definitely get together again! Thanks for coming my way - lets me be part of the group!