Friday, June 19, 2009

Good for Now

1. It's allergies and taking one benadryl seems to make things easier - so no more whining.

About that.

2. I didn't make it to the groomers because - nocturnal. I don't believe in risking other people's lives and limbs to head out my driveway when I should be crawling into bed. So Emma is still fur-a-licious.

I'll re-schedule her for next week.

3. I haven't finished my book yet but that's on tap for next week some time.

4. Movie reviews?

Thought you would never ask!

Revolutionary Road and Quantum of Solace were rented out of sheer boredom. Nothing left on TV to watch and at least a few hours a day to be burned up.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed both of these movies.

Quantum of Solace - I've talked of my lack of love for James Bond a few years ago when the last one came out. As I kid I never saw the appeal of a man who would sleep with any woman at a drop of a hat and who didn't seem to take anything seriously. It was probably my need for HEA and Bond is not a HEA character.

Let's just say that Daniel Craig can be James Bond forever as far as I'm concerned. Although I imagine the credit has to go to the writers of these scripts for realizing finally that the James Bond of my youth was really just a one note character and he needed a good scrub up.

In the last movie you discovered how James Bond had found love and been viciously betrayed. In this film you get more closure on that but also some insight into how Bond becomes a man who refuses to be entangled emotionally in the future. Even still, he can't seem to stop himself from caring and I found that part of Bond appealing.

All the same the movie does not really tie up loose ends within the suspense sub-plot. I think it was more about Bond proving himself to his boss M and getting at least one of the bad guys out of the picture. As far as I'm concerned there were another 6 baddies that didn't get their finish but whether this will be an ongoing plot for a few more movies or whether I'm supposed to assume that the Quantum fails, I can't say.

I did find a few scenes to be a little slow (the scenes at dockside - until the boats come) but the technical stuff with the touch screens and such played brilliantly. In that I mean there were something new and the actors who interacted with the computers didn't feel the need to over-exaggerate their hand movements (think Minority Report with Tom Cruise) so the interest in that kind of technology, at least for me, was peaked.

I might be the last person to actually watch this movie but if not, I would say it's a nice night in.

Revolutionary Road was a surprise for me.

Turns out I did understand every thing in the movie but I did re-watch certain scenes with the director's commentary to see if I was right. In the end, I thought the director should have left some of the deleted scenes in the film as they would have added more texture to how the characters were feeling and given the viewer more insight into the heroine's impulses at the very least.

Apparently the novel (according to all who worked on the film) was brilliant and had some scenes that were the best of any literature ever read. Since I've never read the book I can't say. I did however notice the repetition of dialogue and I guess that was a trademark of the writer. All the same, if it pulls you out of a movie and makes you wonder why Alice and Frank are constantly saying each others names even when they are screaming at each other, maybe some repetition can be taken out.

Is the movie happy? No. But I do think it shows how life was in the 50's and doesn't hold back in telling a tale of desperation. We grew up hearing about the 'good old days' but in reality the good old days weren't as free or wonderful as people have made them seem. This movie also translates to modern life in people wondering if this is all there really is. Is this what life is? Where's the excitement, the adventure?

Maybe I was just in a good enough mood to handle this movie cause normally, movies like this just piss me off and make me mad. Or maybe it was this particular movie.

So there you have it. Two movies that I didn't feel were a complete waste of time and yes, I have rented many in the last month that I did think were a waste of time. Problem is I can't remember any of their titles.

Maybe I've blocked them out of self-preservation.


Amy said...

I want to see Quantum of Solace, and I'm not a huge James Bond fan either. But Daniel Craig is definitely eye candy.

I just saw the previews for Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey, Jr. Now that looks like an awesome movie -- oh, and Robert doesn't hurt at all. I've always had a thing for him.

~ames~ said...

Hey Cindy, I recently just watched the last two James Bond movies for the first time recently as well. Like you, I was pleasantly surprised.

Revolutionary Road, I liked that too. I like how Rose kind of took over Jack's dream and the whole thing about the good ol'days.

Yeah I call them Jack and Rose, even though those weren't the characters name. LOL

Kate Winslet is an awesome actress - I love almost everything of hers.

Did you see Leo's movie Body of Lies with Russell Crowe? Loved that one too.

CindyS said...

Amy - I think you'll enjoy it but you'll have to let me know! And Robert Downey Jr. in anything! He's so brilliant to watch - I think I've even seen most of the movies he's done that nobody ever mentions. There was one with Val Kilmer a few years ago that I really enjoyed. Even with Val Kilmer in the movie ;)

Ames! - I rented RR because you said you liked it so I figured it couldn't kill me ;) I also love Kate Winslet but I'm not sure I'm ready for The Reader.

I'd say I enjoyed BOL for the most part but traditionally I don't like the movies D'Caprio usually picks. I'm sooo not a lover of Titanic and I even knew the damn boat was going to sink. The heaving sobbing in the movie theater had Bob freaked - poor guy. When it comes to reality I can't close that part of myself off. Sure Rose and Jack didn't exist but for me it wasn't about them, it was about everyone on the ship and damn when that thing went down I was a friggin' mess. Have never tried to watch it again. Sad Cindy ;)


~ames~ said...

I don't know, I like good ol'Leo. Like Blood Diamond was a good one too. :P And with BOL, I didn't get lost in all the intrigue, I found it easy to keep track of everything.

I was in 8th grade when I saw the Titanic. LOL

ReneeW said...

Thanks for the movie reviews... two movies that sound pretty good and I was not even considering watching. Don't you hate when allergies hit? Mine have faded away for now. Benadryl does me in and then I'm totally wasted for the day. Hope you are better.