Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are We There Yet Again?

I guess all the younguns are back to school and life as we know it will soon go back to normal. Summer fun felt continuous this year and getting a good sleep seemed to come in last place and I'm normally feral when it comes to sleeping.

I'm hoping next week I'll get whatever monkey is playing with my sleep schedule to back off and let things be for a while. This means full stop on meds to help me sleep which can be scary and anxiety inducing but Bob won't be home for 4 days so he won't have to 'deal' with me and my strange ways while I re-boot the body.

Kitty Update - We are soooo in love with this kitty! She has made everything feel new again. The way she watches every move you make to see if you are about to play, the way she can't stop herself from investigating that spooky sound coming from the other room.. She's just hilarious. (Edited: I've actually played with her for hours at a time and tonight I wore her out and she's sleeping on the lazy boy while I play online - too cute!!)

And trust me, Emma is getting plenty of love also. She's not thrilled but tonight they got within a foot of each other for about 5 minutes without any hissing or growling. Silly kitten wants to be friends now and doesn't know why the 'giant' is giving her attitude.



I don't think I told you all what I got for my birthday! Among many things I got 120 in gift cards for books. YUM!! So I'm filling my basket at Chapters online very carefully. I keep remembering 'Oh!, this one' and will go back in and update.

Okay, I'm off for now - holy cow, Bob gets up in a half an hour! It's 5am! Where did the night go?

And because I'm a massive dork and we all know it, another video! It's not too loud in the beginning but my laugh near the end might blow your speakers so careful if at work!


Lea said...

You new kitty is soooo cute!! I'm so enjoying the video's Cindy.

Good luck with the "reboot", I hope the sleeping gets sorted out.

Where did the summer go? Wow.

Take Care

Mary G said...

Too cute. I picture you shortening the string until they are really close & finally playing together.

Bookwormom said...

I'm so happy you & Bob have a new buddy around the house. There's nothing like a kitten to liven up the place! As for where did summer go? I'd enjoy a few more weeks. :( Good luck with fixing the sleeping problems.


LinnieGayl said...

How cute! They're both playing with the same string (although clearly don't know it). Love your kitties, Cindy.

Good luck with the sleep thing!

ReneeW said...

OMG, two kitties on a string was hilarious. I'm laughing my face off and my kitty is giving me dirty looks. :)

nath said...

Lucky you!! 120$$ in gc :D people love ya, Cindy :D

and your cats are just so cute LOL :)

~ames~ said...

Cute video!! I love kittens. :P

Good stuff on the gift cards!! So what books are you getting?