Monday, September 14, 2009

Oui, Oui? Oh HELL NO!

Somebody wee wee'd on my bed tonight.

Not. Happy.

Little kitten may have some learning to do yet the little monkey.

Then again, there is no proof it was her.

I said to Bob that maybe Emma did it (she once peed on a person staying at our house when we were gone - she was lying there and wham - peed on)

Bob doesn't think Emma can get up on the bed.

I'm thinking she could absolutely get up on the bed.

So no evidence except for the water mark. And the lack of odour. Which would reek of a new kitten with no ammonia in the urine.

Aren't you glad you came here today?

Where else would you get your wee wee fix?

Bob's gotta go away for a few days so I'll try not to get too deep or weepy over the next few days.

You're welcome.


Marg said...

Brings back bad memories for me! One day I was catching the bus to school and I could smell something. It wasn't until a bit later that I realised that the cats had peed on my school jumper! Bleuch!

C2 said...

New kitty was just marking her new territory. *wise nod* Until now, you were awaiting her approval...guess what?? You've been approved! :-D

nath said...

LOL, nice play on words :D The joy of having a pet :D

CindyS said...

Marg - UGH, that's horrible! Bad kitty!

C2 - only one time, right!?! Please let it only be one time ;)

Nath - yep, I suddenly remember.

~ames~ said...

My dad's been gone for a week and it's tough! We were used to it when we lived overseas, he'd be gone for weeks and months at a time - but we've been in one place for 9 years and he doesn't go anywhere! It's tough.

Uh oh about the kitty. But you'll nip that in the bud.