Monday, September 28, 2009

Grabbed the Bull

And managed not to get gored by the horns.

Yay, me!!

So first, Godson is back to school and on his way to living a bit of a different life. Diet needs to change, there will probably be changes in pets and hopefully the mom is serious about the smoking. It's all I can ask at this time.

BIL - haven't heard but when hubby went to visit him in the hospital on Saturday he looked great and had quite the set up going. TV, internet, games and they bring him food. As my Godson said when he was in the hospital - "I get free food!"

Sleep is kicking my arse but then, what's new.

All that said, I didn't cave!!

You, my book loving pals will be happy to know I stood my ground.

BF: I've been reading lots of books lately.

Me: Uh, huh.

BF: Seriously, I'm reading a lot.

Me: You get a library card?

BF: *snort* I guess that means you won't be giving me any books?

Me: *looks at ceiling*

BF: What!? You aren't going to lend me books!?


BF: What!?


BF: Oh, come on, I'm not that bad.

Me: Yes, you are!

*sees newest book bought in a bag near my feet and grabs it*

Me: Look, this is how I hold a book when I'm reading. *shows her the two handed method of holding a book*

BF: *goes to pull book out of my hand*

Me: *hugs book to chest* NO!! You'll kill it!!

BF: I won't kill it, give it! *holds book up delicate like and opens it like I did* You're telling me you can read like this.

Me: Uh, YEA!

*grabs book back and shows her the one hand method of holding a book*

BF: OMG!! Are you kidding me!? I've never seen that!

Me: You don't hold a book in one hand?

BF: No! I -

Me: I know what you do, you grab each cover and rip the book apart!!

BF: I do not!

Me: Yes, you do! Book murderer!

Yes, we laughed through it but she didn't leave with any books. She was all 'I feel like shit now' and I said 'don't feel like shit, just borrow someone else's books!'

Yep, I like to pass the buck.

Hell, I think the library might ban her from borrowing if they saw how she handled books.

Poor man-handled pages.

The books will never be the same.


Wendy said...

I loaned one of the So. Cal. Bloggers (poor, sweet, dear Tracy) one of my "keeper" books this weekend and she got the "lecture." Honestly, I'm only anal retentive about keeper books and stuff in the TBR that could possbily end up being keepers (I just haven't read them yet). If I'm not keeping the book for myself, I don't care if the borrower runs over it with a truck! LOL

CindyS said...

Like you, I don't care if I read the book and didn't like it. Have at it, take it home, tear the pages out one by one as you read. Great. Just don't bring it back.

Keepers don't leave my house and books that I have not read (and could become keepers)will no longer leave the house. She's just euchered ;)


Anonymous said...

I once lent a book to my husband (when he was still just my bf) and he WROTE IN THE MARGINS. OMGWTF?!?! There were words exchanged. The strange thing is that he thought it demonstrated how much he VALUED the book, the fact that he ADDED to the knowledge in it. Yes,it was non-fiction, but still.

CindyS said...

*cough* Okay, I did that in university but it was more about summing up a paragraph than adding knowledge. Too funny. And I owned the books. We used to think we scored when we got a text book already highlighted and written in ;)


~ames~ said...

What kind of changes re: pets??

nath said...

Can we have pictures of the two-hands and one-hand techniques of holding a book. I'm now curious to know whether I have the right one or not LOL :) (By the way, I am serious :P)

I'm glad your BF took it well :D

Tara Marie said...

I treat all my books as if they're keepers, honestly when I start it I'm hoping it will be a keeper. My husband is a spine cracker--it's painful to watch him read.

Margin writing--YIKES--only in college textbooks!! We used to think we scored when we got a text book already highlighted and written in ;) definitely a score :)

Hey--my work verification is perkuout. I kind of like that :)

CindyS said...

Ames - the older cats I told her she has to keep. They are 16 years old and it wouldn't be fair to send them away. The 6 yr old Jet (pure black with 6 -8 toes on front paws) is a gorgeous cat and she shouldn't have a problem finding him a good home. I won't take him because he pees on stuff on the floor. Since Bob and I are known for dropping our clothes on the floor, it's not a good fit.

Nath - I'll get those pics for ya ;)

Tara Marie - I'm fine if it's their book. They paid for it and all. I've seen people roll the front cover back while reading. I think I may have done that when I was younger. Bad Cindy.

And I like perkuout too!