Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blind Sided

I may have got all the ugly out while whining to my best bud but Lord knows how my brain works so strapping in is always an option.

Things here are a bit mucky.

Ear infection is getting better - best day yet and the need to drive a pencil into my ear and twirl it madly has eased off. I understand the pain, why the damn itch!

Youngest Godson had a 'crisis' with his asthma.

Okay, wait, I need a moment.

In a nutshell, my BF decided that my Godson had outgrown asthma so she stopped giving him his daily meds. I had heard about this a month ago and wondered if she knew what she was doing. Stupid me stayed mum cause I don't have kids and have no stinking clue.

No kid. No get to lecture people with kids. Even though you know you are right and they need an intervention.

That's a whole other rant for another day.

Godson gets a cough on Friday and the sniffles on Saturday. By Sunday night he can't speak an entire sentence without losing his breath.

His mother thinks she has mad skills driving to the ER. (Yeah, okay, what about earlier in the day? *cough*)

Gets to the ER and told her son is very, very sick. Colour her shocked. I'm thinking she got a lecture but she's not the type of person that stuff works on. Common sense is very foreign to her.

1. She will never ever smoke in the house again.

Bob and I have already called bullshit. Bob actually said it would last maybe 2 days. I will tell you now that I see her even try and I'll freakin let loose like you've never seen. Hell, C-Rex would hide from the creature I'd release.

2. They have 3 cats and Josh is allergic. Allergies don't help with asthma. Suddenly I'm looking at being the possible recipient of a 6 year old cat who pees in his litter occasionally. Not happening. The other 2 cats are 16 and I told her she had to keep them. Jet I can see finding a home for but the other two should get to live out their life with the family. And Josh loves all creatures far and wide. It's hard for him to remember not to bury his face in their fur.

3. There is a three only I can't remember what it is. Just another thing that I heard and shrugged about because - no kids.

Great news (maybe) is he's back home now and on a 'plan'. I think the doctor must have written line by line what has to be done. Lord have mercy.

That's just one part of my BF's life that is not going well at all. The past few years it's been hard to be around her with her self destructive ways - there's more but I won't mention it in this post.

THEN, we get the call that Bob's eldest brother was found in a diabetic coma. He has complained of other things since getting to the hospital so they are doing CAT scans and such. Apparently he's been hallucinating lately. Scary stuff to say the least.

Good news is the other brothers say he sounds much better (I'm betting he'll be home tomorrow unless they find something huge) and he's been told that he has to make his own food and not wait for people to call him for meals. Yes. He didn't eat or take his pills on time because he didn't realize that the other two brothers who live with him are now on afternoon shifts and don't make his meals anymore.

Yes. You may now bang your head against the wall. I'm just glad he doesn't live with Bob and I *knocks on wood*.

So yeah, not much happening at the moment. Trying to get the kitties to play nice but then Pixie ruins it by grabbing Emma's tail and beating the crap out of it.

Good times.

So what books are out now. End of September hit fast! I bet there are books I want to buy out there somewhere!!

And OMG I love this silly video - it's long so don't feel like you have to watch it. Crazy cats and all that. Pixie decided that day that Emma was all she wanted in the world. They can sit nose to nose now but Emma still hisses but it's gently.


nath said...

Glad to hear your ear is better! :) That's good news...

Is your godson back on his daily meds? and poor Bob's brother ^_^;

The cats are just too cute :D LOL, who's purring so loudly, Emma?

Wendy said...

Also being child-less, I feel your pain here Cindy. Do tell? Has your tongue been replaced by a bloody stump because you've bitten it clean off? C'mon.....

You can tell us.....

Amy said...

Ditto'ing calling 'no kids' here either, but I'm as curious as Wendy. I seriously hope this was an eye-opener for your BF and that she'll keep your godson on a regimented asthma plan. Oy, it's not something you mess with.

I hope your BIL is on the mend!

CindyS said...

Nath - thanks - I don't think he is on daily meds at moment. I will call on the weekend and see what she's doing.

And that's Emma purring. Like an outboard motor!

Wendy - *snort* I could write for hours on stupidity that's trumped by 'you just don't understand'. Uh, yeah, I do, and you're an idiot. (thought with love - less and less lately though)

Amy - You and Wendy are going to get me in trouble ;) I also hope it was an eye-opener and I'm so serious about freakin out on her.

Tara Marie said...

Common sense should work whether or not you have children. You obviously have it and your best bud is an idiot.

My son has allergy and cold induced asthma, which basically means he can run around like a wild child, but if something triggers an allergy attack or he gets a cold, he may get weazy--it's not a given and honestly rarely happens. But the first thing I start giving him when he has a cold is his inhaler every 4 hours. Let the cold run it's course, but the meds keep his lungs clear. Common sense, right?

Giselle said...

Wow yor BF is pretty clueless. Poor kid! Glad to hear you're better though.

Kristie (J) said...

That's quite the motor Emma has on her!! And what is it about kittens that just makes us go ahhhhh.
And your bf sounds horribly irresponsible as a mom. Three cats and your GS is allergic??

Bookwormom said...

Gotta echo Kristie & Tara- common sense rules, no matter if you have kids or not. IMHO, it's very selfish to cause your child to suffer for your own lack of motivation to do the best for him. Especially when it's so easy as to not smoke in the house (no excuses for bad weather either) and to find homes for the kitties.

My son & I both have asthma, we've gotten to the point that we won't visit a home that has cats for more than a few hours because we start having symptoms. Not too hard to live with since we can invite those people to visit us here at home where we can breathe best!

Hope your ear is better & Bob's brother gets a handle on the diabetes.

~Best, Amanda

Megan Frampton said...

Jesus fucking Christ, wth was your BF thinking?!?

You might know already, but I'm an asthmatic who's been hospitalized a few times. And no, you don't smoke, you don't have pets, you don't have carpet, you don't have stuffed animals, no big upholstered furniture, nothing. I would NEVER decide to de-medicate anyone without checking with a doctor. Jesus. She coulda killed him.

My mom, by the way, who has asthma worse than I do, and is morbidly obese, has had feral cats living with her for years. I cannot be in her house for longer than five minutes at a time, although that also has to do with her hoarder/slovenly habits (asthmatics hate dust, too).

So, yeah, I got some strong feelings on this. You call bullshit where you need to, to save this kid from more meds later on. Jesus.