Sunday, September 20, 2009

Uhm, Still Here!


I have to say it hasn't been the greatest of weeks health wise and I've been sadly dragging my butt around. I didn't even pay the bills on time at mid-month which is so not like me.

The highlight of course is a precious kitty and her need to be loved by the big black and white creature that lurks around the house. I have video but didn't want to become the scary cat woman so soon.

Basically, I'm mourning the summer and missing the pool life. Then I needed to catch up with my sleep which resulted in two days with 24 hours of awake time followed by 12 hours sleep and then 22 hours awake. Crazy week to say the least.

Now I have an ear infection in my left ear! (The last infection was in my right ear) Good news was I didn't wait a second to get in to the docs and called the on call doc yesterday morning instead of waiting until Monday morning.

Course now I'm all worried about my immune system. I had ear infections when I was a kid so Bob's trying to play down the worry but I know he doesn't like to hear me talk about the coming flu. Bought new vitamins and plan on a few additions to the diet like orange juice (easy but something I rarely if ever drink).

My plan is to read a given. Jayne Ann Krentz has a Castle book out that I think I'll start carrying with me. I haven't read a bad Castle yet and it'll be an easy read that will hopefully get me back in the reading saddle.

Until then, welcome to Cat Lady Palace!


Rosie said...

I read the Castle and quite enjoyed it. Doesn't change the world but as always her dialogue was just snappy.

Cute kitty. Hope you have a better week sleep wise. Not getting sleep or being out of a good sleep pattern is just killer.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Cute kitty! I hope ear infections don't translate to flu for you. Usually for me, what I thought was an ear infection wound up to be just water behind the eardrum and I ended up using sweet oil and some heat. Tubes in my ears were mentioned once, and it's funny -- I've not had an ear infection since, minus tubes of course.

Bookwormom said...

I hope you can get the sleep schedule straightened out, it's awful around here when the sleep is off. :( Ear infections make me miserable, hope you feel better soon.


nath said...

She sooo cute LOL :)

I just loaded up on orange juice too! I have a sore throat and stuffy nose. At least, I'm not coughing... Sucks!