Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To The Victor Goes the ---- WTF!?

So the main root of us people reading the blog is that we are readers.

Romance readers.

We've taken the flack, the stupid looks, the rolled eyes and the friggin judgement.

I've walked miles in my shoes and damn they are cozy and all broken in and you can say whatever you want about my reading and I won't even flinch.

I just smile that smile that only real romance readers know is a 'fuck you' smile.

Cause they have no clue.

Well, my favourite peeps, I've discovered a few converts in the last number of days.

My best bud admitted just a few weeks ago that she will no longer read books that don't have a romantic thread.

Yeah!!! Take that, you literature, depression freaks!

Sure, she's been reading for years but she's finally come to the dark side. I even mocked her just a bit cause she's a big girl and can take it. After all, there were many guffaws over my book stacks.

Then another friend who isn't a reader asked to borrow a few books. So I went easy on her. Gave her books that are more epic in scope - those Robyn Carr books. Then she wanted more. Uh, okay. So I threw together a jumble of books that I won't re-read cause in reality she is tough on books. My poor books don't know what hit them! I told her tonight to get a library card cause I wasn't going to lend her my keepers. She was surprised.

What books did I lend her? I threw in Karen Rose (haven't read but thought she would like) a Lori Foster, Lisa Kleypas Blue-Eyed Devil, Sara Paretsky (have no clue but it's on my shelf) and a Susan Donovan.

Guess what?

Lori Foster.

Yep, she's all about the Lori Foster.


Cause her book was hot. *sigh*

So I gave her the rest of the Lori Fosters I could find in my TBR pile. I know I'm missing a few but can't remember where I would have put them.

She didn't read either the Rose or Paretsky.

Yeah, so how do ya like them apples.

I was trying to think if this was a victory. Should I be doing a victory lap?

And then I realize they are raiding MY books!

Nope. Not having it.

Get your own TBR pile!

Mine is 20 years old dammit.

Did I mention my friend cracks the spines in multiples? I mean, I'm no sissy when it comes to my books but they look like she ran them through a washing machine.

Please thank your sponsor for this post - Midol - if you can't take the pain, throw down a few of these. Bitchiness, weepiness, blatant militarism and stupidity can not be helped. Those take miracles and Midol is only a pill.


Tara Marie said...

No spoils there -- it seems the conquered have taken the booty and run :)

I love when friends discover romance or when they finally come out of the romance reading closet.

Hide the TBR pile.

CindyS said...

Tara Marie - exactly!! I'm not sure I'm loving my friends becoming avid readers. Not if they are getting my spoils! I think I'll give out my Eckart Tolle book the next time she asks for something to read. May cure the need ;)

ReneeW said...

I loaned a book out of my TBR to my sister last weekend while we were camping and I was on pins and needles all weekend until she returned it to me unharmed. My books are my babies! A book cracker would put me over the edge. You are so brave! But I agree with Tara, it is nice when your friends discover romance.

Wendy said...

OK, am I the only one who thinks the book cracker is rude? Admittedly I'm beyond anal about the condition of my books - but I won't loan them to anyone if I'm not going to get them back in the condition they left the Bat Cave in.

Which probably explains why I only loan books to my sisters and Rosie. Heh.

Erotic Horizon said...

It's always the quiet one who you have to worry about when they decide to cut loose...

I am not a lender -so hats off to you - you are braver than I am...

Don't be surprise if a more of your friends surprise you...


C2 said...

So I recently loaned a friend some books to read after she had knee surgery. When she brought them back, she said she was nervous the whole time because they looked like they had never been read. She was, like, barely opening them to avoid the dreaded spine-cracking. LOL

But she asked for the next Erin McCarthy NASCAR book, too. Win!

~ames~ said...

I'm so anal about my books - certain family members are no longer allowed to borrow from my library. LOL

And I'm sad your friend didn't read the Karen Rose. She's really really really good! :P

Rosie said...

I lend books. I will go to the UBS and get books to give to people. Cross my heart. I can't stand to lend and book and have it demolished.

CindyS said...

OMG - I had a reply written for everyone and it's all gone. Crap.

Basically, those of you who still lend, you are a better person than I am!

2. My spine cracker friend lent *my* book to someone else! Who does that!!

3. I'm not lending anymore books to her unless I don't want them back. Hell, no. I'm getting all worked up thinking about it again.

I spend good money on my books. I love my books. They give me comfort. Others *cough* see them as disposable or just another thing to toss around. Gah.

Must. Stop. Typing. Or you will all witness my crazy ;)

Thanks for the support. I thought maybe you would all say 'hey, you have friends who read romance!! Be happy!!'. Nope.


Tara Marie said...

"book cracker" love that--HATE when people do this. I tell my son it's disrespectful to treat books that way--as if they're people.

sybil said...

"Must. Stop. Typing. Or you will all witness my crazy ;)"

honey we knew you were crazy a long time ago... tis why I like you *g*

YAY more readers, tell them to get their own damn books

nath said...

Get back that Karen Rose book, Cindy! I haven't given up yet on making you read them! LOL :)

Ugh, I hate when people do that - borrow your books and lend them to someone else.

I'm not too anal about books conditions, because I have difficulty keeping mine in mint condition... but I don't like someone who purposely crack the spines...

Good for you for putting your food down by the way, Cindy :D

LinnieGayl said...

The Paretsky's a mystery. Not sure why it's in your TBR pile. I do crack the spines of books....but only my own, and only when they're annoying me.