Friday, July 25, 2008

Break! Break! Break!

Okay, peeps, bust 'em out.

We haven't talked about our 'Break In Case of Emergency' reads in a while.

What's that mean?

It's a book by a favourite (I'm talking hold the book to your chest and weep with joy) author that you just can't read yet. Not because you think the book will suck, you know it will rock your socks, but because you don't want to look at your TBR pile and not know if there are any keepers left in the pile.

It's a security blanket. A book that you know will pull you out of whatever tail spin you find yourself in. It's knowing that a book by your favourite author is still pending, that you haven't read the very last and now have to wait 6, 8, 12 or more months for the next.

I currently have about 4 books by Anne Stuart that I just can't bring myself to read and her latest, Fire and Ice is one of them. I also seem to hoard Lisa Kleypas and I think I've tricked my brain into believing I might have an old Linda Howard in the pile that hasn't been read.

And then! The pain of depriving yourself of a favourite authors book (Suzanne Brockmann and I had to have a break cause we weren't gelling) but then years later getting to pick up 4 or 5 new never before read ones all at once! Sure, the first 12 months were hard but after that it got easier and hopefully with some time and space I will renew my love of all things Brockmann.

The part that gets my goat though is that when I am in that tail spin, that dreaded slump from hell, I can't break the glass! It's my last resort and I'm too afraid to pull the pin. That said, I can easily pull one of these books off the shelf if I'm in a great reading streak. Not all of them mind you, but at least one.

Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas was the last one that I tried to hoard. I managed to hold out for a bit but then I buckled and loved every square inch of it.

So how about it? Do you hoard favourite authors? Do you have a section of your TBR pile that is only for the most dire of circumstances? Do you end up using that emergency stash when all things are stable or can you pull the rip cord when you need the safety net?

Or are you sitting there scratching your head and wondering what this post could be about?


Rosie said...

Hoard? Nope. At least not on purpose. I'm a more of a binge or glom person. I will find an author I love and have to have everything thing they have ever written. Buy it and read it and pant for the next release.

caitlin said...

There are so many wonderful books available that I would never deprive myself of a good read. There's always another one on the horizon. If I'm sorry to have finished a book, I simply return it to the shelf or library, wait a couple years, and then re-read it again!
Karen Robards, Barbara Michaels and Robert B. Parker all have books that I can happily re-read from time to time.

Samantha said...

Hoard? Oh yes. Very much so yes. Probably my biggest break in case of emergency author that is currently being hoarded is Kelley Armstrong. I have about 4 books by her sitting on my shelf that I keep looking at and patting saying "when this slump gets bad enough I'm going to break you babies out." Then there's a few lone books that made that special place on my shelves; Snyder's Fire Study, Barbara Michaels "Ammie Come Home", and (oddly enough) the last Harry Potter book. Yes I think I'm the only person on the face of the planet that has yet to read that book, but its just so sad. After that book no more potterverse. :(

And no I can't bring myself to break the glass either on those books. I'm currently in a reading slump but those books are my preeeescious and I just can't bring myself to do it yet.

CindyS said...

Rosie - I think it's waiting for the new release that causes me to start saving certain books. Sure it's painful but when everyone else has run out of *insert name* I'll still have at least one more book. Join the dark side ;)

Caitlin - ahhh, an optimist - maybe it's my pessimistic nature that cause me to hoard. I have my re-read section but I'm just as fiercely protective of that. I swear I think I'll get to my old age, have no money left and will only have a few re-reads to my name. Silly Cindy!

Samantha - Bless you!! I was starting to wonder if I had outed my bad self ;) I very much understand what you are saying about *last* books. I couldn't imagine loving something so much and then having it end and know that the author is probably not going to write again. (will the Potter author write again? She doesn't have to that's for sure)

Yes! I have Penelope Williamson books sitting on my shelf but I won't read them. I think it's because I know she no longer writes romance. Same with Connie Brockway (okay, I think she's writing contemps but you know what I mean).


C2 said...

I have resolved to always stay behind in the In Death series. I feel better that way...I don't get twitchy waiting for the newest one to come out and I have a guaranteed excellent read waiting for me when I need it. :-D

I also have a couple of Suz's tucked away and a few old Marsha Canham books.

CindyS said...

C2 - Kindred spirits we are ;) I wondered if you had any older Brockmanns waiting in your pile. And how's the reading going?


Megan Frampton said...

I usually have a few I keep on reserve--I still haven't read all the Anne Stuart categories, nor all the Carla Kellys, and I usually have a few LOVELOVE authors in the TBR pile that I choose if I'll be on a plane, or somewhere where I can't get another book.

Bookwormom said...

My save until desperate authors are Eloisa James and whichever Carla Kelleys I can find, plus Lynn Kurland. I usually trend more toward the glom reader type though. I have to say I like C2's strategy. I'll have to think about doing that...

C2 said...

Kindred spirits indeed. ;-) Great minds etc...

It's going very well! I'll admit, so far I'm more interested in the secondary storylines - but that's usually how I am with Suz's books. I'm somewhere in chapter 8, I think.

Must go back to calls to me...

nath said...

LOL, I don't hoard books at all. I just can't read my favorite authors fast enough!! Sometimes, sometimes... I wait a little, but that's mostly because I've anticipated the book so much, I'm afraid I'll be disappointed.

CindyS said...

Megan - Yay!! Some Stuart's in the TBR pile is always a must and you're right. I crack those books out if I know I'm going out of town for more than a few nights.

Bookwormom - I do glom but I will buy entire backlists and then parse them out slowly.

C2 - yikes! That still happens with her books doesn't it. It's okay, I have those re-issued Loveswepts in the pile!

Nath - you read so fast too! I think it's from my early days before the internet. I never knew when Julie Garwood's next book would be out - I knew nothing! I didn't know about backlists, I didn't know publishing schedules or anything so it would feel like forever before I would stumble upon a new book by her. Lots of squeals or joy and I couldn't stop myself from dropping everything and immediately reading the entire book in one sitting. Now I have the 'tuck away and save' mentality. I just need to loosen it up a bit!


caitlin said...

On second thought, just think if I get finished reading ALL the books in the world (at least twice- lol), I'll be sorry-and you'll still have your little stash...!