Saturday, July 19, 2008

Are You In The Zone?

I had my best bud up this week and luckily she is a reader like me. Although she calls romance 'chick books' it's all good. It's nice to talk to someone who reads the same way I do (or will again soon - see, positive vibes).

I told her I was in a bad slump and she laughed. Sweet woman. Anyways, she had mentioned on Facebook that she was too much in book world.

Damn. I remember when I used to be in the 'zone'.

You know when you are forced away from your book by work or laundry or cooking but all you can think about is the world you just left?

I remember reading Sam and Alyssa's book (Brockmann) and I was so immersed in the story that I started swearing like Sam. Every other word out of his mouth is 'fuck' and for a week afterwards I was stunningly witty with all the ways I could add it to a sentence.

Ohhh, I remember finishing my last exam back in 90 or 91 before the summer break and finally allowing myself to read The Secret by Julie Garwood. The opening scene will probably be one I will never forget and allowed me to quickly sluff off the school year stress. I sat and read the entire book in 8 hours (I'm a slow reader) - I think my mother forced me to eat dinner. It's one of my fondest memories which is weird but I remember my father and brother trying to get a phone jack or something through my closet - I finally got up and showed them how it was done. Yeah, I was all that back then. But hey, they were harshing on my reader buzz!

Then there was the Kinsale novel that had me wondering why the people on the news were talking weird. For a week I was oddly conversant in old English.

These books obviously took me out of my life. I was part of the story somehow and it creeped over into my every day life.

I have to admit that there are times I have worried that maybe I'm too much in the 'zone' and I know my best bud admits to needing to re-invest in the real world when she 'zones out'.

All I know is that I'm ready to enter into the zone again. I want to be taken out of my real life for a while. It was only as my bud and I were talking that I remembered the 'zone'. I've been so long out of it but hearing her talk about it reminded me of that special bliss that can only happen when fully invested in a great book.

So how 'bout it? You in the 'zone'? Familiar with the 'zone'? Outside the 'zone' looking in? How about sharing those books that have put you in the 'zone'?


caitlin said...

I must confess to getting in the 'zone' with a goodly amount of the books I read. And why not? It really can be such happy therapy.
Some books I treasure and re- read, and they never fail to accomplish the same magic as they did the first time around.

C2 said...

Yup - I'm definitely familiar with the Zone. And I was in the Sam Zone while reading Gone Too Far, too! LOL

Harry Potter is good for zoning. I get so completely sucked into that world...and then my wand won't work. What's up with that?!

sula said...

I love, love, love being in the "zone" but I find that being less and less the case. I'm not sure if it's me or the books I'm reading. Possibly both. I also wonder about the effects of the internet and mass media in general in terms of shortening my attention span or competing for eye-ball time. (if that makes any sense).

One of my most vivid reading experiences was in my late teens when I picked up Outlander. I ate, breathed, and slept those stories. They seemed completely real to me and transported me to another dimension. Even now, when I listen to the CD that I had playing in the background during that 'zone' brings me back to Jamie and Claire's world. (even while I'm neck deep in studying for an economics exam)

At the moment, I'm completely focused on finishing my final exams but after that's over, I'm hoping to get back to some serious reading and to find some great books that I can sink my teeth into. *sigh*

Rosie said...

I love me some 'zone' too. I read a couple of good books back to back and then had a problem getting into a book. Ironically I'm excited because I picked up INTO THE FIRE by Brockmann today. I'm counting on her to 'take me away'.

Bookwormom said...

It's been a long time since I've stepped out of lurkdom to post, but now that I'm job free (LOL) I've plenty of time to both read and post. Glad you're doing ok & Cody's still with you.

About the book thing, I just finished reading La Nora's Jewels of the Sun, and had to run out immediately and buy the next two in the group, plus another book set in Ireland. It's been a while since I've Zoned. It felt like coming home, really. The other author who's put me in the Zone lately is Sharon Shinn's 12 Houses fantasy series.

CindyS said...

Caitlin - you're definitely reading a lot of great books! Some books don't take me out even though they are still great stories.

C2 - yep, Star Wars was my huge zone out as a kid and I'm still waiting for X-wing Fighter!

Sula - Yes! Between the internet and TV I've not carved out any reading time. Even when my DVR went toes up last night I still didn't want to leave the TV - pulled out DVDs to watch TV. Bad Cindy.

Wow! with Outlander. Amazing how music can intertwine with our reading. I haven't read Outlander but only because I'm intimidated by the size of the book. Odd woman I am.

Good luck on your exams - I never let myself read during the school year or during exams because I knew I could get lost in a book and forget all about my studies. Ugh.

I hope your exam is over soon so you can get back to fun stuff ;)

Rosie - ohhh, I bought all the books I haven't read by her hoping I'll find the magic again. Hopefully I won't get too sucked into a story ARC that isn't finished yet. Those story ARCs are killer!

Bookwormom!! You're back! I noticed that you have been posting reviews of Sharon Shinn books. Yeah, coming home. That's where I'd like to land - I just have to put my butt in the chair and start reading.


Seneca said...

If someone could give me directions to my zone, I would be very grateful.