Monday, July 07, 2008

Ho Hum

I saw this over at Rosie's and I love the different colours and words you can get up at Wordle.

You can see the bigger version here.

Basically, I plan on going over there every once in a while and seeing if the words change. I'm glad the big words are Bob, Reading, Read, room and well, I guess I use 'just' a bit too much! It must only take words from the first page because Lazyboy is on the list and I've only talked about it this week.

(oooooh, just had a thought for how to use my word cloud)

As to life, I'm a glutton for punishment.

I invited the Godkids and their friends over this afternoon around 2pm so I have to be up and about. (I've been getting up around 6pm) It's now after 6am but I had to work late tonight and it was math, math and more math. Nothing like trying to hunt down that last numerical error and in the end, NOT finding it.

I'm trying to wind down.

Yep, not quite working.

THEN, I invited my lovely cousin to come on Tuesday and stay overnight to Wednesday. Shopping and sitting by the pool but I have to be up and about at a decent hour so I don't leave her all by her lonesome. Hey, she could stay all week if I didn't have to worry about when I got up! I mean, really, the pool is a hit with everyone that comes. She could have had a vacation at Cindy's Backyard Spa for the week but hey, one over night and then I'm euchred.

Reading once again heads into the backseat but gives me some serious grief and attitude. Maybe next week can be 5 full days of nobody but me.

Could happen.

Off to hit the bed and see if sleep can find me *please, please, please!!!*

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