Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!

To all my peeps who hopefully got today off!!

I hope you all find time to do something just for yourself. Like reading. Not so much for me, friends for a BBQ and swim and then I need to do my month end numbers for work. Month end is always the busiest. But that's followed by beginning of the month which isn't busy and Bob won't have another vacation until August and maybe just maybe I can get back to Strike and Rabbit and (well, seriously, the fact I remembered any names at all is impressive! And yes, I'm pretty sure I'm only one chapter in but I want to know what's next already!!)

And if you haven't already, my AAR pollster buddies are running a poll for Favorite Books by Favorite authors and would love it if you put in a ballot! Go here.

Here's a peek at the authors being polled:

Here are the authors we are polling for beginning today, June 19th. The poll will close at midnight, July 6th:

  1. Sylvia Day
  2. Tara Janzen/Glenna McReynolds
  3. Kathryn Caskie
  4. Katie Fforde
  5. Jane Porter
  6. J.R. Ward
  7. Jessica Bird
  8. Kate Bridges
  9. Keri Arthur
  10. Robyn Carr
  11. Rachel Gibson
  12. Carla Kelly


sula said...

Happy Canada Day to all my canucky friends. *g* I went to a boarding school with lots of Canadians and we used to celebrate this one. I even know the words to the nat'l anthem. sooo much cooler than our voice-breaking nat'l song. woot!

Dev said...

Hope you have a great day, Cindy! Enjoy it, even if you do have to run month-end numbers.

C2 said...

Happy happy back at you, Canadian chick! Hope your day was fun! :-D