Monday, June 30, 2008

Still Rolling with the Punches

Just finished up another day of holidays. Bob's family came for a swim and a BBQ. We planned on 15 but only 5 came which made everything much more relaxed.

I'm hoping tomorrow it can just be Bob and I for the day. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so maybe we'll get out of the house and do some shopping.

Tuesday is Canada's Birthday, 141 years young. Damn, if you go here it tells you we really don't have an independence day like most countries.

I was 12 when the Constitution Act (1982) came into effect which I *thought* meant we were no longer part of Britain and that the Queen was no longer well, the Queen. I'm pretty sure we used to sing God Save The Queen when we were younger and the picture of the Queen hung in our schools. Now I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a picture of the Queen anywhere and we sure don't sing the song.

So to my Canadian friends, is the British Queen still *our* Queen. Cause I'm so not liking that.

Meh. The things I get in my head.

I hope you are all having a great weekend and that the sun has somehow found it's way to you!


C2 said...

Happy Canada Day (a day early, sure)!

As far as the Queen goes...think of how much fun it is to mock all things queenly. ;-) The wave, the purses and hats..."we are not amused!". Oh yes we are. Heh!

C2 said...

Oh and click here. Those LOLcats love Bob! ;-)