Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crack? No Thanks, I'm On Shelfari

I'm addicted to Shelfari but the good news is I'm okay with it.

If you haven't gone there yet, RUN! I'm telling you, it's a great place. I'm Cindy S there too so if you already have an account come find me. (I keep trying to find people and have no luck. Ag found me the other day but I can honestly say I wouldn't have known to look her up under her profile name. Bad Cindy)

If you are still here and wondering what I'm talking about, Shelfari is this beautiful virtual bookshelf that I have now covered in over 450 books that I have read or plan to read. If I added all my TBR pile I would have over 900 books to look at. As of now though I'm just trying to remember all the books I have read.

This led me to re-discover that I'm a visual person. Why I keep forgetting this I have no idea but it came at me again while searching friend's bookshelves and discovering authors and books I read 20 years ago. (OH!! That's the fun part, you can go and look at your friend's shelves and once again, this works better for me in comparing my likes and dislikes with another reader. Eg. LinnieGayl and I have the exact same favourites for JAK and for Julie Garwood - I think this means our historical tastes would be fairly similar. Just telling me this (or writing it) doesn't seem to stick in my brain but seeing it does.)

Now I'm reminiscing about books from my past and wondering about those authors I read during my 'library' time. I didn't keep records then and barely do so now. Leaves me wondering how many author's books I have actually read. Not only that, sometimes I know I've read an author (eg. Jennifer Greene, Joan Johnston, Beverly Barton etc) but I have no clue which book it was. I'm pretty sure I've read most of Joan Johnston but when I see the covers and all the different titles I can't remember where it was I stopped. The re-publishing dates are killing me. I know I haven't read Johnston, Green, Barton etc before 2000 but I can't count on that to help me because of reprints.

On that note I just remembered I haven't put up any Debbie Macomber books that I've read. Wonder how my memory will work with her.

All this plays into watching the DIK ladies swap and talk about their favourite books and heroes. I wanna play too but the rules and swaps and time limits make me skitter away. Still, I may be forced to steal some of their ideas - I hear they like pirates so I may be in good company.

The Book Binge ladies have also been re-reading Judith McNaught which has me wanting to pull her historicals down and re-read them also.

But the TBR pile mocks. Therefore I will try and make a bit of a dent. Or dimple. Hell, an open slot would be welcome about now!

And, because I know many of you think I'm out splashing in my pool, I feel I must share that for the last three days it's been FREEZING!!! The pool temp is currently 64 degrees F so I wouldn't dare dip a toe. Not only that, many of us are wondering if we need to turn the heat on! Right now, my nose is red it's so cold. So much for that heat wave. I'm so ready for another one like NOW.

Finally Bob gets his stitches out on Monday afternoon and it's supposed to be 25 degrees C so he let me know the appointment is at 5:30pm and that he'd be in the pool at 5:32pm.

Here's hoping this strange weather moves on and the heat returns.


nath said...

Hi Cindy :D

I thought of starting a virtual bookshelf, but I'm just too lazy. The thought of putting up all the books I've read or have, well it's enough to discourage me LOL :)

As for the weather, don't you think we're getting so seriously weird weather? It's hot and humid as hell one week, cold the other... what is it going to be next week? I shudder at the thought!

CindyS said...

Nath - I'm very lazy but I think you would love Shelfari- it's so easy to add books just go to Ames bookshelf and you can hover over the book and then click 'I've read' and it adds it to your shelf. Super cool.

The weather is definitely strange. Tomorrow is the first day of summer and it looks cold and rainy. Ugh!!


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: I feel your pain about the weather!!! Here you have this brand newly renovated pool - and it's FREEZING out there. We had a barbeque at work yesterday and I didn't have a sweater or jacket on and I froze!

I have a Shelfari account - as you know 'cause we are 'friends' but I must admit to still preferring LibraryThing.

LinnieGayl said...

Cindy, I just LOVE Shelfari. I was shocked to discover we love the same Julie Garwoods and JAKs. Now, I've looked through your shelf, and most of the Nora Roberts you've read, I actually don't, perhaps someday try one of mine that I like??

CindyS said...

LinnieGay - you are on! I'm thinking we are more alike in our reading than we think. I have to look up your fav Roberts and get them off the shelves and in a mini-TBR pile. Sometimes I need to break the pile up so it doesn't scare me ;)


ames said...

I love Shelfari too. But so far, I've mostly put in books I bought this year. LOL Yeah, that's pretty scary. Librarything is where I have the majority of my tbr pile just because LT came out before Shelfari. But I'm thinking of putting all my TBR books into shelfari just because its easier. Type in an author's name and all their books come up - click away without having to reenter everything like with LT.