Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thanks To Kat O+

Whoa, slow down!! It's me! Cindy!

Yep, spiffy new digs.

I hope Kat doesn't mind that I followed her link to her template provider SuckMyLolly.com. I could easily change my template once a month with the designs I sighed at over there.


Some fun and fresh designs and thanks to Kat O+ I was even able to add all my links and do-dads without any hassle. You'd think I was a pro!

Small updates:

Bob is doing very well. He's in no pain which just blows my mind. I've done one cleaning of the wound and am about to attempt my next. Right now, Cody is more of a concern to both of us than Bob's poor leg.

Cody smells like feet.

Not just two feet.

Like a locker room full of sweaty teenage sneaker feet.

I filled his little pool today and took out buckets of hot water to add to the cold but there was no way I could do it to him. The water was just too chilly. I'm leaving it out and hoping that tomorrow I could add a few hot buckets and get the water warm enough to attempt cleaning him.

I need to upload the pictures of my pool. It's gorgeous! And Bob can truly say, 'with blood, sweat and tears'.

Okay, I'm up way too late and need to wind down. Off to veg in front of the TV and try not to snack on anything.

I'm thinking that might be a lost cause.


ReneeW said...

I missed all the original excitement with Bob's accident but I'm so glad he's doing better. I love the new look too! Very springy and cheerful.

Marg said...

Oh, I love the new template! Makes me almost tempted to find another one for my blog, but I will try to be good and stick with the one I have for now!

Kat O+ said...

Ooh, noice! I had this template bookmarked, too. So pretty! I'm glad Bob's doing better. And ew, smelly pets!

Megan Frampton said...

I love the template! Glad to hear Bob is doing okay.

And I really want to read that Jessica Andersen, too.

Dev said...

Ewww ~ a locker room full of smelly teenage feet???? Ugh.

Glad to hear Bob's feeling better.

Love the new look! Glad you found something you liked :-)

Holly said...

Oh! I like it. A lot. I might have to go check them out and see about changing mine out again. I'm so undecided. LOL

I'm glad Bob is feeling better and I'm really sorry Cody smells. My dogs were nasty like that, so I gave them a bath last week. It was just wrong, seriously.

C2 said...

Good for Bob!

The description of poor Cody's smell was unnecessarily graphic, I'm thinking. Ewwwww. ;-)

Can't wait for the pool pics!

C2 said...

Oh, and the new template is way cute!

Kristie (J) said...

Ooohhh - love the new look!! It's so light and airy!!
I'm glad Bob is doing better - and that you survived too! What a way to get you reading mojo back though!
And the forecast changes by the hour almost doesn't it? Hopefully it will be a great weekend so you can try out your 'new' pool with Bob's 'blood, sweat and tears'!

Jenster said...

I love the new look! So simple and clean.

I'm glad Bob is doing okay. I can't wait to see the pool. My dog smells, too. But we can't bathe her for two weeks because we just had her spayed. Blech.