Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stay-cation and Crap in my Head

Bob is going to take this Wednesday to next Wednesday off for vacation.

Complete surprise for me.

How doesn't this work for me?

I didn't put any money aside and property taxes are due at the end of the month so I already transferred the money into this stupid account that charges me 5 bucks a transaction if I go over 2 for a month. I did that on purpose to make it a savings account. I'm cheap and I get mad at banks and their fees so I will go without food before moving money out of that account.

Bad Cindy.

But not my fault really because if I had known I could have moved money around.

So really, that's just a hiccup.

You know it's all about my sleep and how I didn't have time to prep myself for the days ahead. I think Bob did this on purpose because I know he likes his mornings to himself. He gets tons of stuff done while I'm sleeping but if I'm already up and bright eyed and bushy tailed when he gets up I throw him completely off his day.

So he didn't tell me in time and now I'm the one who is going to be completely off my game. But I'll learn him. C-Rex can always use some stage time. Trust me, naps will become crucial to his survival.

Some things off the top of my head:

1.) Bob got his stitches out today and his leg looks great. Even the doc was impressed as normally ER docs don't try to be neat so he definitely got lucky.

He comes home and blam - thunderstorm. Droopy lip but still a bit of pep in his step.

He takes me out for a bit and then needs to come home because he's exhausted. Ugh. So I have a nap and then we head out to the pool where we can actually see our breath in the air! Bob put his legs in but wouldn't budge off the side.

Hopefully tonight will be nice enough for him to finally get some swimming in.

2.) Having more than a can of pop a day makes me sluggish and nauseous. Having too many potatoes with dinner only add to this sensation.

3.) There is nothing on TV, no movies I want to rent and nothing I'm interested in re-watching but the damn thing is on for hours with me at night. What I'm searching for is anyone's guess.

4.) Bob's family is coming on Saturday which means lots of cooking and cleaning. Yay for me. NOT.

5.) I've been ignoring Cody's nose for the past three days because I hate seeing the way he looks at me when I get out the face cloth. The good news is that it's not growing and there is no fluid build up so really, I'm wondering if it's a good thing to not rub the wound and re-open it right now.

Yeah. I'm kidding myself. I'll get the face cloth out tomorrow night and force myself to do it. I'll just go and buy him something new and special for a treat afterwards.

6.) Emma needs some tending. Will buy treats for her also.

7.) I went out early in spring and bought all new tops for summer. I bought two new pairs of shorts but can't find them and the ones I have are now huge on me. Yay for losing weight but probably more about losing the elasticity in the stretchy part of the jean short. So buying shorts is on this week's agenda. Bob will love that.

Off to continue surfing and to get a drink of water to see if I can get the tummy to send me some love.

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