Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Look in the Old Noggin'

Strap in, I'm thinking it's going to be a doozy!

First, I finally e-mailed Weight Watchers Canada Online because they are charging 20 bucks more for their program than their American counterpart. I can't wait for the response and it better not be filled with a bunch of crap about costs not being even. I don't care. It's online and the dollar is basically even so man up and give me a discount.

Why did I finally (and seriously I've been yakking about it for a while) e-mail them? I got on the scale and discovered I had gained a pound. I know, it's just a pound but there are 14 more fuckers waiting to pile in with it and it ain't happening! So back on a diet. I still have a battalion of weight to lose but I've decided maybe doing it 5 lbs at a time is fine. My first 5 lb loss just about killed me. It doesn't want to leave without a huge offensive. Soooo -

I started by going to the grocery store. Yep. I made some homemade burgers (not as much heading out for dinner with that side of fries if there is food in the house), got some chicken and I'm stocked with water. Now I just have to make it happen.


Sure I have pictures! I was beginning to think you weren't going to ask.

Here's a preview of the almost finished pool. I'll do up a before and after picture collage when it's all done but thought I would share the blue that is the pool. The paint has cured and now it's tile time. Course, rain has been in the forecast for every second of the past week. Has it rained? Nope. I swear the weather people are just as clueless as the rest of us. I'm starting to think they are just looking out their windows or, and I'm leaning more in this direction, if they call for crappy weather and it's gorgeous who's going to get mad at them? ME! I can't tile the friggin pool with rain in the forecast!!


Yep, one order coming up!

I'm typing this while listening to the distant thunder as a storm is about to finally roll in.

With the threat of rain Bob can't tile as we need 24 hours dry time for the cement and stuff. So the pool is 1/4 of the way done and Bob's plan is to have the pool filled and ready by Monday of next week. I had the audacity of moving one of those little tiny tiles by a millimeter and got hollered at in a hackneyed French accent.

"I am an ar-tea-st!!"

So yeah, not going to be helping and thus, at his mercy.



Just figured out the camera and computer didn't communicate nicely and I don't have the Cody picture downloaded.

Yeah, yeah. You've seen him before. Got it.

Ah yes! A booklet showed up in the mail and I never read junk mail cause it burns my butt that I have to slog through this stuff just to get my bills out.

But, something caught my eye.

A full-page add for a hypno-therapy clinic where they are offering 50% off sessions.

I don't know about you but I feel like a window just opened. I wish they would put their prices up on the website. Then I would know if I was even close to going.

Finally, I've decided my brain can't relax.

Okay, so you probably figured that out ages ago but I keep telling myself how next week things will calm down and I'll have plenty of time to read and relax.

Yeah. I'm thinking hypno-therapy has to be in the equation.

My blind kitty is trying to get to the window behind me because she can smell the rain. Okay I have to go and knock on the window sill so she can figure out where it is.

More mind bending thoughts to come tonight.

I heard that.


Dev said...

I feel your pain about the pound. You're a lot braver than I. I don't dare step on one. I haven't been exactly faithful to my eating plan, and I'm sure it will show up in the numbers.

I can't wait to see what WW Canada has to say about the cost difference.

C2 said...

The pool's looking awesome!

And hang with the WW Canada people...that's just wrong.

ReneeW said...

The pool looks beyooootiful already. The blue really makes a difference. WW Canada sucks. I joined the US for a while and I think it was a good deal. But eventually I found that I cheated too much and fudged on points. I needed to go to an actual meeting and step on the scale in front of someone to make me accountable and stick to the plan. Hang in there :)