Thursday, June 05, 2008

Uh, NO!!

There is no way I can keep this template as I can't read the friggin' font!!

Pyzam I guess only works if you upgrade to the widget type blogger and OMG what a royal FUBAR that stuff is. I have no clue how to read the stupid HTML it gives you and I can only seem to change the size of the columns! Everything else is done by widgets.


I couldn't leave the plain one up after deleting the last one and my fav. designer of templates has left the building (or is trying to find a new home).

So yeah.

Crying with me might make me feel better.


C-Rex roars to life.

EDITED: Phew - there was a button where I could revert back to my classic template. Basically I hate the widget stuff - I know how to manipulate this template and woohoo - my buddy blogs are back. Off to relax and visit with others cause this was BAD!!


Dev said...

I changed my template this weekend ~ the first two I tried were tiny "Times New Roman" font and I hated it. I don't blame you for changing back.

C2 said...

Before I start playing with my template, I copy the whole thing and paste it into a document and save it on my hard drive. Paranoid?? Who me? ;-)

Kat O+ said...

I just updated to a widget template on impulse (I have to blame you because your previous post had me blogsurfing through free template sites for no bloody reason). Took me half a day to get everything worked out. For the sidebar, I just cut and paste the code from my old template into an HTML widget (using Page Elements). Make sure you save the old template (I copied and pasted to Notepad) so you can copy bits of stuff over if and when you try it again.

Anyway, it's winter here, so your snow motif isn't all that strange to me. :-)

Kat O+ said...

I should add, that was half a day I didn't expect to spend fiddling with HTML and graphics. I thought 2 hours max!

CindyS said...

Dev - some of the templates out there are fantastic and then you load them up and you can't see what you wrote! Not so good. I'm sure I'll be taking another run at it.

C2 - I'm pretty sure I have a copy saved on my PC but this morning I was all the way upstairs with my laptop. Yes. Laziness is a sin.

Kat o+ I swear you are a genius! Okay, I may have to take another run at it. Stupid widgets. I spent an hour hand typing in all the blogs I link to and then 'poof' they were gone. Ugh.

Have you had snow yet? And it's okay to kill time in winter, it's doing it in the summer that is completely wrong!


Kat O+ said...

We don't usually get snow in Sydney, but it's been rainy and cold this week. Perfect weather for reading! Hope your next go at the template change goes well. Feel free to e-mail me if you wanna chat about how I converted mine. (Can't guarantee I can actually help, but I can sympathise!)