Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bad Way To Wake Up

I woke up so miserable this past evening that I burst into tears.

Oh, delightful.

Gotta hand it to my hubby though. Got me moving and out of the house for an hour before all the stores closed and then fed me.

Why miserable? It's raining. Which normally I'm all good with but it's also spring and the windows are open so I felt like I had slept in soup the whole time. I woke up saturated and upset that Cody hadn't even got up to eat yet (he normally gets up like clockwork for food). Cody can't handle humidity and boy, it was a friggin fog land I woke up to. So I was stressed about him.

Then I knew I was out of sleeping pills and needed to get my prescription over to my pharmacist only I read the sheet and I can't see where the sleeping pills are. Yep. I have no script for my sleeping pills. Talk about having a panic attack.

Bob brought up the dehumidifier and put it outside our bedroom door. I ended up crawling back into bed when Bob went to sleep and didn't crawl out again for 5 hours. Obviously, sleep is a necessity for me to stay even keeled.

The forcast is dire over the next week. The pool isn't close to finished and the weekend has temperatures that are feeling like over 30 degrees Celcius. That is so not going to fly for me. Grumpy probably won't cover my range of emotions.


Letter from WW Canada Online:

Dear Cindy,

Thank you for contacting

Please be advised that the pricing of the Weight Watchers® Internet products sold in Canada has not changed. The cost of Weight Watchers Online in Canada is C$61.90 for the 1 month plan and C$84.95 for the 3 month plan (with each additional month at C$21.95). The cost of Weight Watchers eTools in Canada is C$39.95 for the first three months and C$17.95 for each additional month.

Due to changes in exchange rates the conversion of Canadian dollars to U.S. dollars will fluctuate over time, but this has no impact on the rates that we continue to offer on

I won't sign the poor person's name because no one needs that kind of hate mail.

Basically a big 'Bite Us' . Bob told me to e-mail back with a Thanks, I'll be at Jenny Craig. Meh. I'm beginning to think that when I go to try and join the American one they'll know I'm Canadian and kick my butt out. We'll see. I'm going to sign up for their 7 day free trial. Where? On the US site cause Lord knows us Canadians can't get a deal.

(And why when I've made the decision it's time to stop playing around and get back at it am I constantly starving and shoving food in my mouth. It's like my brain has signaled the body that food is about to become scarce so it's driving me to eat everything in sight. Yetch)

Okay, enough with that.

Oh! Did want to mention to anyone who has seen the movie Sicko (and I'm sure I ranted about it before) we (Canadians) do not have free health care. Nope. We pay taxes. I'm very happy with our healthcare, I make no bones about it but if the guy from Sicko said 'free' one more time I was going to do my own movie that says 'Yo, not free numbnuts.'

Or, you know, something witty.

For those who follow LOST I was wondering why Jeremy Bentham sounded familiar and went to look it up. Found LOST wiki and started to read about John Locke. A question was asked and the answer the writers gave made me realize I have no clue what is going on on that island. I mean, I thought I had some valid theories but I can't figure out what they were getting at. Since I don't like spoilers and such I don't go on the LOST forums and reading how the writers responded made me realize I had been missing a few things. Or a million.

Will have to pay closer attention when the new season begins.

Finally I've been trying to find a new template for the blog. So far the one I'm working with hates me and my code so I may have to just move on and put up something for the sheer sake of not looking at snowflakes!

So things will look wonky for a bit.

Like me.


Holly said...

You Canadians sure do get the short end of the stick most of the time, don't you? Poor things.

Sorry you woke up unhappy, babycakes. There's nothing worse than that.

Sending good thoughts your way.


C2 said...

If I could share our week of sunny 90+ weather with you, believe me, I sooo would. The A/C in my office is broken! *insert whining sound*

And the Canadian WW people - you should send them a pie...with ice cream...and whipped cream. ;-)

(((Cindy))) Things will get better.

Kristie (J) said...

Um Cindy?????? Do NOT be happy with our health care. I repeat DO NOT BE HAPPY. It's broken and it's broken REAL bad. Trust me!! I work in the industry and I have first hand experience.
And I have real issues with Weight Watchers too. I went to a meeting once with my sisters. They were both members and paid the big bucks. I went to ask a question of the speaker and when she found out I wasn't a member, she wouldn't talk to me - at all. I think something is totally whacked when you pay more money when you get the bad news that you didn't loose weight - a double whammy as it were.