Saturday, June 14, 2008


I managed to snap this picture in the split second I was able to get them to quit playing. Could they be cuter?

Sunny is on the left there and is my best friend Sue's puppy. Fumble is 4 weeks younger than Sunny and is a poodle - golden retriever mix. I'm so in love with Fumble but Sue gets jealous if I coo over him too much.

Basically these two get together and they tumble and play for hours.


I snapped this picture after they had been falling all over each other for an hour. I thought the slobber on their fur would show up. I wish I had the other pictures I took - I got nose shots, butt shots, feet, tails, everything! (I took them on Sue's camera)

It's definitely hard when you have an old boy and you get to spend time with two 6 month old puppies. The energy and baby soft fur. The wiry coats haven't grown in yet (Fumble will have more of a wiry coat) so they are soft to cuddle.

If you can catch 'em.


Dev said...

I love how they have identical looks on their faces. How cute!

C2 said...

Happy puppy faces! Awwww is exactly right. :-D

nath said...

They are sooo cute!!! Are they related? Cos like Dev says, they have identical faces! Who does Fumble belongs to?

ReneeW said...

How adorable. Makes me want to just hug 'em. Great picture.

Jenster said...

They are so adorable!! Sookie is about 7 months old right now and she has a best friend around the corner - Brady. They have so much fun together, but the best part is that she's quite and sleepy when we get home. lol