Monday, June 23, 2008

Why Did I Give Them Up?

Shelfari started the brain up but it was while I was browsing the up-coming books on Chapters online that the thoughts actually formed into words and questions.

There are books that are coming out by authors I once read (eg. Vicky Lewis Thompson, Iris Johansen etc) but for the life of me I can't remember why it is I decided to stop reading their books.

I was once a Nora Roberts reader. I remember exactly when I stopped picking up her books. Honest Illusions. That book rocked my heart and brain so bad that I got scared. Hey, I don't like sobbing while reading a book. The book was excellent but I haven't picked up a book that has been published by her since then.

Now, I have wanted to buy Nora Roberts again but Lor' Tundering Geez By, with reprints I couldn't figure out where I should pick back up. (I've been helped along by AAR Favourite Books by Favourite Authors and have bought the Born In books - I'm also going to raid LinnieGayl's Shelfari shelf and see what her fav is and pick it up (I see the Sea books are there also - I'm having a hard time tracking those down).

I know that I once enjoyed Vicky Lewis Thompson's many books. I know I stopped reading her before the Nerd books and I wasn't going to jump back in with those ones. I think I may have started one of her Nerd books and wondered where the author I once read had gone.

Ah, just tripped over Amanda Ashley - she broke my rule. She cured a vampire. Okay there was much more about it and the vampire was 'oh woe is me' and was a pain in the arse and when he was cured at the end of the book I just wanted to throw the book at the wall. Haven't picked her up again. So that's my own problem.

Still, I've noticed that she seems to be writing paranormals. So, is she writing vampire romances or something else entirely.

I know why I decided to leave Debbie Macomber behind. Her books were too sweet. I know the last few books of hers that I read were set in Alaska. And then there was the book with a blurb and premise that didn't pan out. Hey, if there is a promise of sex, maybe the sex should happen. I think the book was called Sooner or Later.

Here's the book description from Shelfari:

Dear Jack,

I may be a rough, tough solider of fortune but I've me my match!

I'm in Central America on a no-win job and regretting every minute. A woman named Letty Madden hired me to find her missing brother. I'd figured this prim and proper Texas postmistress would run and hide when I named my price: one night. I was wrong.

I swear the woman is my punishment for never giving a damn about anyone. She's as stubborn as a mule and soft and sweet . . . and hell, buddy, I'm in big trouble. Getting out alive is the least of my problems.


Yep, clearly says to me that there is going to be a night of sex. My memory might be shaky but I believe Murphy changes his mind and drops the idea of his fee. I can't even remember if these two kissed on screen. So after this schmazzle, I never bought another of her books.

Too bad. After all, I loved Morning Comes Softly and I either found a used copy or need a copy. Can't remember exactly.

Iris Johansen is definitely a head scratcher. I don't remember much about her books except that bad things did happen and the hero was not always heroic. I may have stopped buying them because of the drama or (and this is my own bad memory) because one of her heroes was married with a child (or at least, he had a woman who bore his child who he was still on good terms with). Should mention this was a historical so I had a hard time figuring out how the H/H were going to live HEA if the hero was already married. This may have messed with my reading box from back then but I think I would be much more open in my reading today. Of course, I believe she has moved on to suspense.

I had to leave Julie Garwood behind - it took me many books to realize the magic was gone but once I figured that out I was able to step away and not look back. At least I have all her great books on my shelves.

I know there are many more authors and I might do a second post but I wanted to know if there are authors that fell off your radar but you can't remember why. Do you think you'll buy their books again or did you get lost like I did in reprint hell wondering if you were about to buy a book you've already read?


nath said...

If I stop buying a particular author that I used to gobble all her books, it's either because her style changed and does not appeal to me anymore or because all her storylines were too similar (eg. the Plums books).

By the way, if you want to buy Nora Roberts... check on the cover if you see NR. That means it's a new Nora Roberts book... also, stay away from Silhouette and HQN, that's the publishers who are reprinting her books.

ames said...

I love it! Shelfari makes you think, don't it? LOL

I'm still trucking along with Julie Garwood, but I don't need to read her books ASAP.

Never got into Amanda Ashley, Iris Johansen or Debbie Macomber. But that DM would have pissed me off! Promising sex - what a tease! hehe