Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Went Shopping!!

Nath reminded me of the buy 3 get the 4th book free promo going on at Chapters/Indigo and I managed to corner Bob into taking my Mom and I to Indigo in Burlington tonight.


First, I have been off Suzanne Brockmann. We were on a break after the horror that was Max and Gina. I'm still a little pissy about it but tonight while looking over the bookshelves I overcame my anger and found plenty of books to buy.

Just so you know, all of these books were prior releases from the Loveswept line. Some of these titles were so hard to come buy people were paying crazy amounts to get their mitts on them. I have to admit, I had similar thoughts but after M/G I was able to stay away.

Sometimes the book Gods love me.

I'm pretty sure I've read Body Language in it's earlier incarnation. I remember enjoying the friends to lovers theme of this book. Really back then, (1998) Suzanne Brockmann could do no wrong in my eyes.

Forbidden was originally released in 1997 and I don't remember the story from the blurb. In fact, I wouldn't have believed you if you had told me Brockmann had once written a story with a cowboy for a hero. I stand ready to read!

I know for a fact that I haven't read Freedom's Price because the blurb sounds very similar to the Max and Gina story. Sounds like an older man is helped by a teenage rebel and then meets her again 5 years later. I wonder if this will be the story I was hoping for with Max and Gina. This one is landing the highest on the TBR pile for sure!

Embraced by Love has an original release date of 1995. The H/H are married with kids so I'm not sure I'm going to be reading this one any time soon but with all the pretty covers I had to buy this one as my 'free' book.

And since I've decided to forgive and forget I bought more Brockmann.

I know. I couldn't hold a grudge to save my life. I figure I now have something like 7 of her books I haven't read so she can't possibly get ahead of me and have me slavering for her next book.

This is where reading slumps and grudges pay off. Authors get ahead of you and you can take things at your own pace. *phew*

I think Into the Storm is after the Max and Gina story followed by Force of Nature (which I think is Jules and Robin's story). C2 I'm hoping you can tell me if I'm wrong.

(Why put the other book titles which are from the Trouble Shooter series on the cover page and not put the book you are holding in with the list? I had to keep picking up these books and flipping through their title pages trying to find the order they came out in.)

They didn't have the Christmas one on the shelf and no others I hadn't read so I moved on. The good news is that it looks like more of her Loveswepts are going to continue getting re-published.

So finally I'm flying without a net.

Oh, the new Loretta Chase book. Thank YOU very much.

And now I just need to pick out my free book.

This is where I surprised myself.

Yep. Colour me confused.

I can honestly say I have yet to read a review by anyone who hasn't liked or loved this book. (or is it a series?)

It's also sitting prominently on some reader's favourite books of the year tallies.

So I grabbed this one. I sure hope it's the first.

Ah well, I won't get to it for a bit anyways.

OH! Lorraine Heath has like three books that are European historicals. Anyone who liked her westerns find these stories any good? I was tempted but was obviously pulled in another direction.

Anyone else (beside Nath cause I've already read about her adventures in buying) go book shopping this weekend? Anyone know how long the promo is going to last?


Dev said...

Great haul, Cindy! I saw some of the Brockmann reprints when I was shopping awhile ago, but didn't get them. Happy Reading ~ maybe this will get you out of your slump.

LinnieGayl said...

cindy, I hope all the old Brockmanns get you out of your slump! I gave up on Brockmann about the same time you did, and still haven't forgiven her, so let me know how you fare.

I purchased Just Desserts this week for my Kindle, as well as gobs of sample chapters. I had earlier purchased the latest Chase & Quinn books, but have yet to read them.

C2 said...

Yay! :-D I'm so proud. LOL

Robin and Jules have the secondary story in FON - although they do tend to take over anytime they're around - and their wrap-up is in the Christmas book All Through the Night. FON is my second favorite of the Troubleshooters books, I think - I actually like Annie (I always love Suz's guys but sometimes I struggle with the heroines) AND we get Jules and Robin. What could be better? Max even shows up briefly. ;-)

ames said...

Hey Cindy, glad you picked up SB again. :P I did go to the bookstore on Friday (I had the day off) but managed not to buy anything. It could have been due to the fact I compulsively bought some perfume, and I'm not a girly girl like that. But I love this perfume. LOL

I hope the sale lasts until the end of the month - more good books are coming out then.

I bought all those SB's except Embraced by Love. The kids totally threw me off, so yeah, probably won't pick that one up ever. LOL

Rosario said...

I did the same with the last 3 troubleshooters books, and it was great to be able to read them all in a row.

And hey, you're going to have to buy Lady of Light and Shadow, because if you like Lord of the Fading Lands, you're going to be desperate to read the next one!

nath said...

Happy I could help you :)

Mollie said...

YAY! You're back on Suz! Inot the Storm is one of my favoriites!!!!!!