Saturday, May 31, 2008

Book Shopping!

I'm a glutton for punishment obviously.

I've read *glances at sidebar* yeah, that many books since January but Mama needed new books!

First three books are re-prints that for some reason I haven't seen or heard about.

I'm pretty sure I've read The Prince of Midnight but I only remember bits and pieces and it may be that I'm not remembering the right book. I haven't read Seize the Fire or Midsummer Moon. At least, I don't recall ever reading them.

These books were released in - Hey! It shows they aren't supposed to be released until October 2008. Huh. Chapters online shows them as Not Yet Published (I bought them at Chapters) and Amazon has stock but shows the release date as Oct 08 also.

So maybe I've brought some good news to Kinsale fans.

And then I bought:

I haven't read last month's release yet but I have that one in the TBR pile also. The great news is I have a boat load of great books to read when I get my mojo back!

I was over at JMC's and she didn't finish A Hunger Like No Other (which many of us who loved it totally understand). It still remains my favourite book of the series so I'm hoping these last two blow that book out of the water for me. I need something to grab on and not let go!

And of course.

Lover Enshrined. Just so happened Bob and I had to go to Burlington (20 minute highway drive) and hey, I knew the store there had 24 in stock so getting him to stop in was no hardship.

I'm not saying this book is going to be a keeper but thanks to two great reviews by Katie(babs) at Ramblings on Romance and Christine at The Happily Ever After... I couldn't let the series go. The good news is that they both made it clear this book isn't a romance. (Okay, that is totally my interpretation but I need to keep this mantra in my brain to read the book for what it is and not get grumpy because it's scant on romance.)

They gave me enough of a taste of characters like Rhev that I'm willing to slog through the book and pray I come out eager for the next installment. Although I hear it's a year before the next one comes out.

That there would be the silver lining of reading slumps - authors catch up.

For the Canadians out there this weekend you get 20% off your purchases - Nath reported on this already so head on over there for the details as I'm usually wrong about stuff. I was told by the staff that although I bought my books yesterday (Friday) I can bring my receipt in today (Saturday) and they will give me the discount. Since I wasn't leaving without my new pretties I accepted the promise of reimbursement. We'll see if I get that far.

It's 9:45am and I'm still up. I mean, my eyes are open. I'm not overly tired or anything. Just lethargic.

I woke Bob at 6am to take me to breakfast. There is a new restaurant called Cora's here and they opened at 6. Poor guy couldn't believe I was waking him up. Hey, I was lonely and hungry. The food wasn't so great. I learned I don't like crepes. It cost us 35 bucks including the tip so we won't be doing that again soon. I guess it's for people who enjoy fruit with their breakfast. I'm a meat and potatoes girl and fresh strawberry crepes with dollops of whip cream just didn't cut it.

Here, this was our breakfast:

Bob got the french toast while I was more adventuresome. I should mention I hate maple syrup so what you see is what I ate. I told Bob it was missing something but I couldn't figure it out. Bob commented that he was going to have to lock the camera up but hey, I've discovered some of my blog buddies are foodies, so I'm sharing!

Get this, Bob is sleeping in his chair.

I tell ya. All I hear is how you daywalkers are all get up and go but now that I'm here to witness it I have discovered napping is a daywalker trait also!

This is the last time I feel guilty for napping!

All right, if you made it this far you are extremely bored. Go rent a movie or bug someone you love and if that doesn't work, I say take a nap!


meljean brook said...

It's missing the powdered sugar! That baby should have it sprinkled all over.

CindyS said...

That is so what I thought! And the strawberries were crisp with no sugar on them. In our house we put a little sugar over strawberries so the juices flow. There wasn't a lick of juice on these strawberries!

If we go again I will probably try a waffle. Maybe. If they aren't stingy with the icing sugar!

Cindy (still up at 4:30pm - no one knows what to do with me. Even Cody can't figure out where he should be!)

nath said...

Wow, that was expensive... it's weird though, cos it's not that expensive over here... hmmm. I usually get the Rosemary sunday: 2 eggs, bacon, potatoes, 2 blueberry pancakes and some fruits... for 10$... so with taxes and tips, it's about 13$ which is not bad at all in my opinion. But I can't believe it was >30$ for what you got. Maybe prices are different depending on the provinces?

Nice book haul :)

C2 said...

I love Prince of Midnight! I've read it at least 3 times and I always get completely freaked out in the same spot...even though I know it's coming and I know how it turns out. *sigh* I'm hopeless.

I'm almost finished with the Kresley Cole book - so good! I love Cadeon! And I'm horribly jealous that you found Phury's book. It isn't anywhere in my area yet, darn it all.

Kat O+ said...

OMG, three Kinsales! And Cole and Ward! And a strawberry crepe!!!


Now look what you've done. ;-)

Dev said...

The strawberry crepe would have been great if they'd have sugared the strawberries first.

Great book haul ~ And I so understand the whole "I haven't been reading but I need new books" thing. Who knows ~ it may just be the new book that gets you over the hump to start reading again.

Kristie (J) said...

"For the Canadians out there this weekend you get 20% off your purchases"

Uh Oh - Cindy - I wish you hadn't mentioned this. I somehow missed it at Nath's. Of course the addiction kicked in and I looked up all the June books I want online - and they are all in stock.
Dammit all! I spent ENOUGH money yesterday - now I have to go out and spend MORE!!!!

Rosie said...

I'm hungry and your pictures of food aren't helping since it's too late for me to eat before going to bed.

I'm not reading so I've been buying books. It's what you do when you can't read. Buy.

ReneeW said...

I love eating breakfast out since I refuse to cook it anymore. But wow, $35. And no sugar on the strawberries. That's just so wrong. But you got some books! Yeah!