Thursday, May 15, 2008

And We're NOT Off!

Okay, for those of you not in the know, up here in Can-eh-da we have a long weekend in May that we (and maybe it's just us Ontarians) call the May Two Four weekend.

And just in case, (cause I'm no beer drinker) beer is packed in 24 - so the long weekend is kind of synonymous with partying and camping and well, stuff that makes most mothers curl in a ball and pray for it all to be over and that all their kids get home safe.

For me, it's more about the start of summer and pool season and maybe some gardening.

Right, you've met me.

For Bob it's about gardening. I'm way too lazy and have killed too many beautiful green things to pass as a gardener.

Two Four also coincidentally refers to the date the weekend falls on.

*okay, I should know why we have a holiday in May - somebody's birthday I'm sure but really, when you were a kid you didn't care cause Dude, long weekend and now that I'm an adult, well, Dude it's a long weekend.*

Why am I regaling you with this wonderful knowledge?

This weekend turns out to be the May Two Four long weekend. I've known it's this weekend for some time now and I have planned the painting and tiling of the pool accordingly and trust me, it's a harrowing job! Tonight I was beside myself because it was calling for rain for the next week and then the temperatures at night are below 10 degrees celcius which means the pool can't be worked on. No painting, no tiling AND futhermore, we have to wait 7 days after painting the pool to fill it again. (Curing process or whatever). How in the world would we get this pool done by June!!

Have you done the math?


Bob got me to settle down when he realized I had no clue that May Two Four weekend was actually a week earlier this year.

You know, May One Seven.

I swear the world is out to kill me.

So I don't get to paint the pool or put pretty tile up until possibly next weekend which actually falls on May 24th (thank God!) and then I'll have to wait 7 more days to fill the darn thing.

I mean really.

Killin' me.

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ames said...

Interesting. I've never heard it referred to as the May Two Four weekend.

But I'm still really looking forward to it! LOL