Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Update

Bob's a prince but then, you all knew that anyways.

Bob got up this morning and finished painting the pool. I had so many pain meds, sleeping meds, anxiety meds in me that sleeping was not happening when I needed it to. So of course, I was sound asleep when painting time came.

Ah well, I made up for it by taking Cody for a walk (he's been in a very bossy mood this past week and we thought maybe he needed some exercise. He didn't make it to the top of the street before wanting to turn back) and cutting the back yard. The front yard is such a disgrace I didn't bother. I need to get some dirt and rake it around and then seed the sonofabitch like it's the only patch of grass on the planet. Terrible.

I'm too tired to do it now and my back is sore (I guess I will always have back pain once a month now - that is just not fun!)

Here's the pretty part of the job. We're trying to figure out if we can get the tile up tomorrow or the next day. If not we're probably going to wait until sometime in late summer. At least the pool will look clean now.

Doing any kind of outdoor reno is like those warnings you hear about medications.

Don't tile if it's below 10 degrees or above 35 degrees, don't tile if it's going to rain any time in the next 365 days, don't tile in direct or indirect sunlight and keep the area dust free.


So August 14th at 11:34am for one hour is about the window of opportunity for staining, painting, tiling, bricking -

You get the picture.

Bob's off tomorrow and Tuesday yet. After that, the tile has to wait.

So far, hail is in the forecast for tomorrow and it's MAY!!!


nath said...

The pool looks great and the tile is very pretty :D and LOL, Bob is not just a prince, he's a king too :D

Rosie said...

Love the tile... I hope your weather waits and you get it done now. There's nothing worse than waiting to finish a project when you are on a roll.