Tuesday, May 13, 2008

When the Cat is Gone -

Bob has to go away for business from Wednesday to Friday (late) or Saturday.

I know.

I'm wondering what kind of damage I can do while he's gone too!

Well, there is the pool thing. The old paint is peeling in places and needs to be scraped off. I might start that later today. And I mean later cause I'm writing this before heading to bed. Then the pool needs to be power washed with TSP cause I want to do this right. Huh. That might cut into paint time on Thursday (Wednesday is calling for rain and I'm not going to be out cleaning the pool while it pours on me - okay, I need to think positive thoughts and maybe it will only rain for a few hours and then WOOHOO the sun. There, all better) And then I will paint.

Unless I stumble upon that one thing that makes my head explode.

Then it will still be here waiting for Bob.

The other evil plan of mine is to tear up the remaining carpet in the house. I'm not entirely convinced that Emma isn't showing her mean side when I'm not home and then there is the stuff from Cody's wound. Basically, the stuff needs to leave. I have to leave the carpet on the stairs so Cody can get up and down without falling but other than that, it's outta here! At least I know that there is hardwood under the carpet.

Not like my hubby who tore up perfectly good hardwood in the hallway and left me with plywood.

Right. Already mentioned that.

Also, because Bob will have the work computer with him I won't be working the next three nights. Look out blog world here I come!

You'll probably see more of me because I will need many breaks. Being lazy does have a price - huffing and puffing while doing basic stuff. Ugh.

Finally, on the reading front, I really just want to bust out my Anne Stuart but I don't want to reward myself for nothing. I have a book half read, a book that I didn't finish and a few others that I have glanced through.

The only good news about a slump is that I have more time to kill - uh, I mean, do chores and other such rot.

Yeah. You know, accomplish stuff.

Or in my case, fail miserably with a half torn up carpet, a pool that is only half scraped, maybe TSP'd and not a stitch of paint to be found.

Bad Cindy.


nath said...

Hope you get everything you want done, but that does sound like a lot of work :D LOL, carpet shouldn't be that hard right, since it's demolition?

Can't wait to see you back more often :D

Rosie said...

You must have Spring fever with all those chores on the horizon. I vote for a recliner and a book.

Scrape the pool? And you WANT to do this chore? That sounds HARD.