Friday, May 23, 2008

This Weekend

By Wednesday of next week my brain block should be completely removed (squeeeee!!). Well, until I think of something else that needs to be done.

Here's my white whale:

30 year old concrete pool in our backyard. Bob opened the thing on May 6th and the minute I saw all the dirt and stuff I told him to empty it. The water there in the deep end is from the power washing we've done but we need the pump to be primed to get that out. That will happen tomorrow sometime.

So I've been waiting not so patiently for 3 weeks to paint the pool a turquoise colour AND then tile just the top foot with multi-colour glass tiles. (in the picture you can see it's grimier on the upper part of the walls. I think that's just from the enviroment. Think of those white plastic lawn chairs and how they would get all gucky. That's what it's like with this stuff.

With my brain I've mentally painted and tiled this pool about a thousand times so I'm ever so grateful the weather will be warm enough for us to get this big job out of the way.

Oh, this is a picture of the ladder in the shallow end that needed to be tied because my first day going in and then climbing out the damn thing fell in and about killed me. I landed on the cement edge there with my right wrist but I must have strong bones cause it only twinges now and again when I was sure my hundred and *mumble* pound body should have snapped it in two.

Ah, well, here's hoping Accident Prone Cindy doesn't show up this weekend.

And finally, Bob is taking Monday and Tuesday off from work. So I know I have four days of movement and activity going on. That is enough to have my anxiety ratchet up a notch but then my dear sweet cousin called and she has tomorrow off work so we're meeting here at 1pm to go shopping.

Yep. 1pm.

That would be your 2am.

I won't be taking any sleeping pills today so I might just end up laying down and drifting for a few hours but I think once I'm up and showered I'll be my perky self. For about 4 hours. After that, no guarantees.

So for the next five days I'm going to be up and about in Southern Ontario.

You have been warned.


C2 said...

Southern Ontario may never be the same. ;-)

The pool plan sounds lovely, btw. I love the glass tiles.

Rosie said...

What I wouldn't give for a pool. We are having our Memorial Day this weekend, so it's a 3-day for us. I have nothing but cutting and pasting in my immediate future. It would be so much easier to get the exercise in if the pool was right outside my door.

Good luck with your project AND the shopping.

ReneeW said...

Wow, the pool is gi-normous. You be careful, young lady. Just thinking about falling like that gives me a heart attack. The glass tiles sound lovely. Can't wait to see the end result when you're done. Have fun shopping :)

sula said...

sounds like a very big project! I think you ought to consider hiring these guys to do it. lol.

S'rsly though, be careful and safe. And enjoy your pool in the warm summer months ahead!

CindyS said...

C2 - I think the Bat signal went out last night to warn residents of C-Rex. I can't wait for the hard part to be over so I can see what we end up with!

Rosie - Our long weekend was last weekend but I'll take my painting over your cutting and pasting ;) I think the letter you wrote will be the big treat though so don't kill yourself with no sleep!

I want one of those under water mp3 players that you wear on your cheek while swimming. It would make the time pass a little easier. Me alone with my thoughts for 20 laps is probably never a good idea ;)

ReneeW - Definitely a big pool - I'll rename it Big Blue once it's all done! Yep, falling scared the juice right out of me - the ladder wasn't in the tripod position but just leaning against the wall so it shot out from under me but I had one foot on the concrete edge so when it went I had my wrist and one foot to save me. Bob decided I wasn't allowed in the pool by myself after that. Too bad I can't say I planned it that way ;)

Sula - so that painting that way is wrong, right? I could totally see my family and friends coming up with that solution and I know who it would be dangling over the end. I'd be just sleepy enough they could probably convince me to do it ;)