Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saturday Update

The white whale is now Big Blue. It's only the first coat but what a difference! I have pictures but they are on the other computer downstairs (of course).

The paint fumes alone should have had Bob and I higher than kites but we managed.

Then we picked my Mom up and went to the Christie Antique Show. It's held twice a year and is supposed to be one of the biggest in the area. It was much smaller than I remembered but we figured with gas prices where they are, those with smaller items to sell probably wouldn't bother with the trip.

We were looking for a piece to work as a kitchen island but I'm starting to think I should have one made. Even still, it was a great walk around with lots of fresh air and my Mom has now seen an antique show. She wasn't all that impressed and since there were many items that recalled her childhood she decided she was an antique also. Ah well, my mom likes new things (as do I) but I've seen interesting things done with salvage pieces. I think Bob was looking for something that could be purchased and put in place without any work. I was more realistic but until Bob sees the light I guess I'll be looking at some seriously wonky things.

After that we dropped Mom off and went to pick up the glass tiles.


Nap time!

Got up and made up some dinner and then we watched some TV.

I then made the mistake of going to Tim Hortons and buying two chocolate donuts. Bad Cindy.

And I'm still hungry. Super Bad Cindy.

Ah well, soon to bed and up again to do more painting.

Pictures later.

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Rosie said...

Wow, you guys are really cookin' can't wait to see the finished project. Be careful out there.