Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tiny Tidbits

1. I loaned my digital camera to my brother on the weekend and I had no idea I would miss it like I do. I've had about 12 instances that I wanted my camera for. I never do anything with the pictures but for some reason I need that damn camera!

2. Amber, our beautiful orange kitty who is now 15 years old (did the math the other day and just about fell over) is completely blind. She sat in a chair for about three weeks but I thought she was just depressed about something. I think it was Bob who noticed her walking into walls. I took her to the vet and her eyes work but she sees nothing. Poor baby. So now we carry her up to bed at night (she always crawls in with us but had stopped probably because she couldn't find the bed), call to her if we see her struggling to get somewhere and tap on stairs to help her figure out elevations. It's now about three weeks since we found out and she's taken the house by storm. No longer afraid to go up and down stairs and growls at us when it's clear she wants to figure out something on her own. (seriously, she got annoyed with me when I tapped on the stairs near her food dish to let her know where they were. Nope, she wanted to reach down with her toes stretched out until she could find the step herself.)

3. Cody is still kicking ass and taking names. His back legs aren't as quick to follow his lead so I think the tumour is progressing. Biscuits seem to be manna from Heaven.

4. I have to take long haired Emma to the vet and have her shaved down in a lion cut. I'm sure the litter box will be sparkling clean for a week while she demonstrates her displeasure. Edited: I wussed out and am now shaving her myself in sections (they were going to put her under for the shaving and at her age I wasn't loving the idea). Bob has promised to help. Sorry, but 300 bucks for a lion cut was not burning a hole in my pocket. She just gets so feisty and the clippers don't go through her hair easily. Ah, well. I did shave her belly the other night by myself. She fought me but the next morning it was like I was catnip to her. I guess she went to clean herself and realized she could actually contact her skin.

5. I'm wondering if hypnotherapy would work for me. Yep. I watched Oprah but I don't think I'm easily susceptible to hypnosis. Still, being panic free forever would be worth trying.


Holly said...

Oooh! Hypnotherapy! What an interesting idea.

You know, I think the biggest part of it is having an open mind and thinking it will work. So maybe you can start preparing now?

I'll be thinking about you while you're shaving Emma.

Poor Cody. =(

Aww and Amber, too.

nath said...

LOL, I hear you on the digital camera front. My sister is on vacation with ours and I'm like, damn!

As for your pets... it's sad for Amber, but she got used to it, so that's good :D Happy to hear that Cody is still going "strong" :) and LOL about Emma :P

Dev said...

I've gotta say, I don't think I could loan out my digital camera. Since I got it, I always seem to find something to take a picture of :-)

Poor Emma!

CindyS said...

Holly, I work hard on keeping an open mind on many things and think I have grown up quite a lot in the past few years. I've been wanting to break free of my fears for so long that the idea something could help is very tempting. Currently I'm researching hypnotherapy and am going to get some CDs to see if I have the capability for it. I think some people (probably people like me) have a hard time giving up control and then trusting the outcome.

Nath, Amber has completely broken free of the fear and is now exploring new areas. I'm really proud of her - the cute little monkey ;) And I'm with you on the camera - I have it again. Phew!

Dev - Yep, I think my camera may never leave my side again!

And I think Emma will have a field day showing us who the read boss of the house is ;)