Saturday, May 24, 2008

Book Pimpage!! Jessica Andersen and Book Binge

Just in case, I wouldn't post something about a book that I don't plan to purchase myself.

After reading Jessica Andersen's interview and then Holly's review of this book I know I have to try the series. My only fear is that I can completely freak myself out with 'end of the world' stuff. May 6/2000 or 2001 - was my wedding anniversay but also the day that was to be the end of the world (learned about it in like '97 while watching an A&E documentary). I had nightmares about once every 3 months that it was 'the day' and how I couldn't get to Bob. Crazy stuff my brain throws at me.

All the same, tortured heroes and strong heroines? Colour me interested!

Just don't expect a review as I have about 5 books I need to read before it! And this was totally the way I discovered my auto-buy author Nalini Singh so yeah, I'm ready to purchase this one the minute it comes out.

So from Book Binge I give you the contest information:

To celebrate Jessica Andersen's interview today, we're going to giveaway two copies of her upcoming paranormal release, Nightkeepers.

Entering is simple. All you have to do is post about Nightkeepers and this contest on your website, encouraging your readers to do the same. Then come back and leave the link to your post in the comments section here.

The contest will end Friday, May 29th at 12:00 p.m. PST. So be sure to enter before then. The winners will be announced Saturday, May 30th and your prize will be shipped out on Wednesday, June 3rd.

Book Cover

As a Miami narcotics detective, Leah Daniels never knows how her day will turn out. But she certainly never expected to be strapped to a stone altar, the human sacrifice in an ancient Mayan ritual meant to coax up a demon from the underworld. Or that she’d be saved by a handsome warrior-priest king who claims to recognize her from his visions...

Jaguar Strike wishes he hadn’t made the mistake of reuniting his fellow warrior priests, or broken the law by saving their chosen human sacrifice. Now, he has no choice but to join forces with Leah and invoke dangerous magic in a death-defying race against the end of time.
Don't delay, enter now for your chance to win!!

I'm on my laptop and can't get the cursor to move where I need it to, so, go here for the contest, here for the interview and here for Holly's review.

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