Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Now THAT Was What I Needed!!

Yesterday was Canada Day here and we had a great day off! Thanks for all the well wishes - I think they merged to make an awesome day.

The weather was perfect and the pool was the perfect temperature. It was so relaxing and to top it off, my friends ordered in a pizza so I didn't have any cooking to do. It was completely stress free and it was nice to finally enjoy some time by the pool.

Okay, it was stress free for the most part except for when I went to look for my wallet and couldn't find it. I looked every where in the house and then finally asked Bob to go look for it. (Bob can find stuff easier than I can when it's something I've lost) He looked every where also and had apparently already moved all the couch cushions and stuff. So I did another breeze by (remember we have company) but found nothing. I was a bit worried but I kept thinking that it just had to be in the house.

When our friends left we drove over to my Mom's to re-trace our steps. Mom had gotten home late and had found the light on the phone lit up meaning an extension is in use. Since she's the only one there she got freaked out and called over here to see if I had just called her. I told her we'd be right over and that she could wait outside as she was afraid to go upstairs. So Bob and I went through all the hidey-hole places someone could find and of course, it was fine. I've been there before, freaking myself out over something so we sat with her for a bit before heading out the door.

This was the point where she said 'Cindy, don't forget your wallet.'

So I knew I must have had it when we left her house but the days of the week play games with me so I went through her house again just in case.

So we drive home and I remembered walking in the door and seeing Cody on the couch (happy clean monkey that he is now - another story) but I didn't go and pet him because Bob wanted to go swimming so I headed straight upstairs. I go up and check the bed sheets in case I had put it on the bed. I go through the pile of clothes beside the bed (must do laundry) and finally remember getting my robe out of my closet.


So I'm standing there with my hands on my hips thinking 'damn, I really have to start calling and cancelling everything' when my eyes wandered over the shelves on the wardrobe and bam, I see a zipper.

I'm telling you I have never put my wallet in the wardrobe before but I guess I was in a hurry and just stuffed it in there with a plastic bag that had solar batteries in it but it was all balled up like it was garbage.

What a relief!

I have to admit, I was pretty blase about it until the minute I started thinking that I had to cancel every thing. So maybe a few minutes of stress and hey, in my life, that's nothing!

I plan to sleep most of today - no one to wake me up as Bob is now back to work and I can finally sleep without having to worry about where I need to be.

Talk about Bliss!!

Month end numbers couldn't be completed for work because their computers were down ( I figured out how to get the info but I have nothing to balance it with at the moment) so I'll have to do more work tonight. After that, it's going to be all about me for at least 5 whole days.

I should send a memo to Bob about that.

Nah. He's used to it.


nath said...

The weather was sooo nice, wasn't it?!? Such a nice week-end...

and I hate it when I think I've lost my wallet... cos you panic and stress for nothing...

CindyS said...

I'm famous for losing my keys or wallet for as long as a day or two. I try not to let people know that I have lost something but when I have really tried to find it and I can't find it, it's time for a new set of eyes.

And the weather looks great for the next few days!