Monday, July 14, 2008

Real Life Crap

You guys might have to remind me of this post in few weeks. I go for my three month docs appointment in a few weeks. It's about how I'm feeling, am I anxious, how's my mood etc. but I tell ya, I don't realize things fast enough.

I think that's why people who are stressed are stressed.

I love (Hell NO!) those helpful suggestions by - okay, I think this one was set off by an article on Yahoo news - to avoid stress. Uh, yeah. If I could avoid stress I would be living a life of complete spiritual, physical and mental stability.

You've seen the pictures. My waistline is not stable.

Whenever I read about 'avoiding stress' I wonder if it can truly happen. Are there people who live stress free?

All this to say my daily anxiety level is up. I finally figured that out today after 7 straight days of having plans. Today was the last day of worry but it's a Sunday and that's how my brain works. Monday to Sunday. I slept through Saturday's 'plan' but Bob let me knowing I was on the verge of a meltdown. Then my period showed up to create it's own drama and then a visit from people I don't really know and who, it turns out, aren't very chatty. My neurotic need to fill silence was obliterated by anxiety, pain and general coma like sensations and I think even Bob was a tad uncomfortable with the visit.

Ah well. I told Bob no more off the cuff invitations to people for the next week. I need some down time.

This means I have no plans Monday through to Wednesday and I'm feeling much better than I was earlier this evening but there is still this low level hum of anxiety under the surface. Me thinks a med change is a coming. I an not going through another December like last!

So I have to remember to tell my Doc that things aren't fine. Cause I tend to have a few good days and forget the ones that had me sitting bleary eyed with tummy cramps and outer body experiences.

Other than that, situation normal.


Actually, I shouldn't wait another two weeks. I should see if the doc can get me in earlier but those damn telephone people keep her booked solid. There is a sign that says (I kid you not) to book your next appointment before you leave the office. Now I can see that for someone like me who needs to come in every 3 months but seriously, I'm not planning the next puke session.


C2 said...

(((Cindy))) I say no one can avoid stress...I mean, seriously, who wouldn't avoid it if were possible??

And I completely agree about the need for downtime. Nothing gets me out of sorts faster than having too much going on and not getting enough "me" time.

Maybe an iPhone would lessen your stress? ;-)

Kat O+ said...

Or salsa classes? :-D That's my stress relief for the week. (Good for the waistline, too.)

I don't think I've been completely unstressed since I was 16. Hope you get some downtime soon.

Rosie said...

Cindy, sometimes real life is...CRAP. Since tomorrow is Wednesday and you've had a few days without guests or plans I'm hoping you are feeling better.

I saw your Wordle thingy too. Look at Bobby figuring so LARGE in your blurby. Cute that.

CindyS said...

C2 - I've been eyeing ipods for years so I'm unsure. Seeing as how I was a peer sharer I wasn't sure things would work. Now all illegal up here in Canada so maybe have to pay or no listen to music anymore. Yeah. Paying.

Kat O+ - Right now I'm swimming lengths in my pool and barely making it. Need to get more exercise for sure!

Rosie - I was feeling better but I swear I am my own worse enemy. Tomorrow a friend is coming which would normally be find - I just can't get my body to realize things are okay. More exercise has to help right? ;)