Friday, November 07, 2008

Tuggin' on my Too Funny Bone

1.) I went to the bookstore tonight to track down 'The Book' that Kristie (J) is so excited about.

I got there and stood staring at the books.

Uhmmmmmm, huh.

I head over to the computer thinking something will shake loose but see if you can figure out my problem.

I stood over that damn computer and all I could think of was THE QUEST.

*shakes fist at Kristie for naming these events!!*

I figured it out when I got home and went to Kristie's blog. I'll be honest and tell ya I figured the horrible cover would have drawn my eye. Course, it's not out till November 8th so that would be one, two, ah-ha, a triple UGH!

2.) I have made myself 3 (baked) chicken fingers with sweet and sour sauce and fresh boiled potatoes with butter, salt and pepper 6 out of the last 7 nights for my nightly dinner (that's between 2 and 3am for those of you wondering). I'm not obsessive compulsive although I'm sure I could have the tendency if I let it get out of control (hand sanitizer anyone?) but I get into food phases that can last months to years on end. I have taught myself to break out of them but it's usually to do with laziness. This year it was discovering a local potato grower and I'm telling you, I have never had such wonderful potatoes in my life! They are even great mashed up which I was worried about but I have them with Thanksgiving turkey and about rolled on the floor in complete ecstasy (yes, I know it's sad)

Aside: I wrote the above 2 about a week or two ago and I have eaten all the chicken fingers in the house. My jeans all feel too tight now. Back to WW for me!

3.) This isn't funny as much as sublime. A new Indigo store opened up (the grand opening isn't until next weekend) and Bob took me there tonight even though his back is out. Poor guy. But OMG!! What a beautiful store. There is an aisle that is a room unto itself that is brightly lit and its where all the magazines are - it's so pretty. The journal section almost made me weep. Romance section didn't knock my socks off because they didn't have Meljean Brook's Demon Bound out, of course, The Quest book wasn't there or the newest Nalini Singh Christmas Cat book.

OH! The computers were fancy, futuristic bright white orbs that had touch screens.

I spent 108 bucks on books. I bought their 25 dollar card even though it chapped my behind. So I've decided to keep track of the money I save over the next year and we'll see if it pays to buy the card. So that will be on the sidebar under the books read.

4.) My sleep is so messed up that I can't think straight. It's funny in a way but I'm shocked at how lost I am. And Bob has been underfoot for the past few weeks because of a project he's on. I know I mentioned it before but I'm missing my routine.

5.) My dad is home and on Saturday I'm doing up a nice turkey dinner with all the fixings. My favourite dinner. I know. It's very funny.

I'll end on that note. I hope you are doing well and reading lots. I will hopefully had a review up of a book in the next week.

You know I mean one of my 'Cindy' reviews.

Just warning ya.


Kristie (J) said...

LOL - you can't just say you bought all those books without letting us know which ones you bought! I live vicariously through other's books and then decide that I need them for myself :-)

CindyS said...

Whoops! I only bought one romance and it's Brockmann's Kiss and Tell. I couldn't remember which Loveswept titles of hers I had but I tend to recall that this *might* be one I didn't. I have to spend some time in the library but then the rest of the house needs some tender loving care also.

The other two books I bought were on interior design. Looks like I found my passion late in life. And a book for Bob on haunted houses in Ontario - the man gets creeped out when I tell him anything even remotely ghost related and he wanted this book. Just don't know about that guy!

I think next weekend is their grand opening and you can save 25% off books - but I wonder if it's off just the most expensive book.

Okay, I need to get organized to take Em back to vet.