Monday, November 17, 2008

This Was Way Too Hard!!

As you can see, the spirit found me!

I don't know what is different about this year from the previous 3 but I'm so ready to decorate and go shopping and find neat-o gifts and stuff.

Of course, the odds of 'neat-o' gifts is slim because we all shop in the same hemisphere so, not sure how we can surprise each other.

But screw it, I'm feeling the spirit. Even wanted to put up our tree (we have a fake blue spruce with snow on it) but then remembered I really, really, really want to paint the living room before I spend another Christmas in an off burgundy room. It's hideous and I've been living with it for 3 years.

Thing is, Bob wants me to remove all trim since one day (ONE DAY) we'll be replacing it all.

Did I mention the house has been trimless in areas for 3 years?

Like I said, screw it. I'll take the damn trim off as long as I don't have to have bing cherry walls anymore.

On another note, this template was a bitch to put on. Would I love to have my widgets back? Yeah. But then I can't really make out how the template is created and changes are terrifically bad.

Why are there not more clean line Christmas Layouts (that's the new term)?

Anyways, let's just say doing this template almost sucked the spirit right out of me!

I wanted to put up a countdown ticker like C2 does but I'm not sure I'm up to fiddling with the damn template again.

You know, I swear a lot for a person donning the Christmas Spirit.

But then, you all wouldn't recognize me if I was all pussified.

It's a word.

Update on Emma - she's huge, her fur is glorious and she's one happy kitty. Bad news is she has to go to the vet for the day tomorrow so they can create a baseline on her diabetes. (then she comes home for another week and then back in for a day and so on)

She's so going to hate me tomorrow.

Course, I think the vet may have to create a stress baseline for me. I'm not willing to lose another limb just before Christmas!

I'm figuring 200 bucks just for tomorrow.



*deep breath in*

Feeling the Spirit dangit!


Marg said...

I like it, but because I remember how hard it was for me to do mine, it will be at least another few months before I change mine again!

nath said...

I love the look :) it is indeed very christmas-y.

Ugh about changing the templates... I hate how you lose all the widgets thingies. So annoying.

Good luck with Emma :P

C2 said...

Yay! You're looking very festive. :-D

And yay for happy kitty!

I can't find a good countdown ticker yet. I haz a sad.

My spaminator word: dogand

Dog and what?? Dog and pony show? Sounds like my office. ;-)

Holly said...

But,'s not even THANKSGIVING YET! ::cries:: What is wrong with you people?!?!


Actually, I really like it. Though honestly, I am a little worried about all of you oddball people who start getting in the spirit in NOVEMBER! Jeez.


CindyS said...

Marg - I somehow always forget the pain and then get all upset because I've invested so much time and am now committed.

Nath - I actually began to wonder if Wordpress would be a better way to go!

I'll find out about Em's tests on Wednesday - right now she is just happy to be home.

C2 - I know! I beat you and I didn't think that was possible ;) I've been looking for a ticker too but the ones I've found are extremely tacky. Like Santa on super crack.

Holly - it's just you weird Americans who haven't had your Thanksgiving yet! We had ours three weeks ago! And for the past few years Christmas has been on the nightmarish side for me. So feeling so upbeat about Christmas for the first time in years is a welcome surprise.


Kwana said...

This is the most festive blog ever. Very lovely. Is it really almost Christmas? What?

LinnieGayl said...

I like your Christmas theme, Cindy! Good luck with Emma's tests.

Amy said...

Hey, I'm only a lurker, but I'm really digging the new template! You've inspired me... ;-)

ReneeW said...

Wow, you're in the spirit. Looks great. I just got mine looking like autumn yesterday :) (yeah, I've been out of the mood for blogging lately). Okay, you've inspired me... I will look for something Christmas-y after Thanksgiving.