Friday, November 21, 2008

Half Way?

The ceiling is finished in the living room! We didn't have to tear the damn thing down so all is fine.

Tonight I filled holes in the wall - plaster walls don't get tiny holes, they get gaping wounds that make you want to cry. You pull a nail out of the wall and a 3 inch round crater is staring you in the face.

So I filled holes, did my 'paid' job (I forget so many things when I have a project and I remember last night that I should get my spread sheets for work up to date! And I forgot my Doc's appointment. That's going to cost me.) and just finished putting up the first coat of primer. Since the walls were a burgundy colour the coat of primer has a halo of red peeking through.

This will come as a shock but I have a pristine view of paint and I'm fighting the urge to put up another coat of primer so that the walls will be pure white before finishing with my two coats of grey paint.

You all know I'm lazy so even I'm flummoxed by my odd behaviour.

And fumes?

Holy stinky headache ville!!

So I cranked a few windows open on this -3 degree night. Brrr. All the same, I don't think we should be closing the house up with this kind of stench. I don't remember paint fumes being so bad!

What else? *drums fingers on keyboard*

Oh! So just before I go to bed (in the early dawn) and when I first get up (it gets dark early now!) my first thought is Emma.

Ah, Emma. My hard done by kitty. I shove a pill down her throat twice a day (I think it's over in a few days) and then the needle.

Now, you would think with all this medicine stuff I would remember I have things I need to take also.

Dumb Cindy. Might explain some of the headaches I've been getting.

And finally!

I got THE book today.

I called Chapters to ask if the book had arrived at their store (whole schmaz about shipping fees to home and crap so I had them sent to the store) and no, it hadn't arrived. I was told they were very good at calling people when books arrive in their store. That it's a daily event.

So I head off to my BF's house and the phone rings.

It's Bob, Chapters called to tell me the book arrived.

10 minutes people!

Oh, well. At least I have the book. Problem is I started Nalini Singh's short story in between painting and all the other stuff so it'll be a bit yet.


~ames~ said...

Hey Cindy!

I should be getting THE book today in the mail. The chapters in this town SUCK and they never get any good books. And now with chapters change to their shipping policy...*sigh* a girl can't get a break. LOL

I admire you giving a pill to a cat twice a day. I can't do it one time, let alone twice.

Bookwormom said...

I'm glad the ceiling turned out the way you wanted it too. Are you gonna put another coat of primer on the walls though?

Glad to hear Emma's doing better.

C2 said...

Yikes, you've been busy. :o) Do we get pictures when the painting is finished?

Kristie (J) said...

And can I guess what THE BOOK might be?

heh heh heh heh!!