Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wow, That's Leaving Lots Of Marks!!!

I pride myself on my painting skills (seriously, just go with it, I don't have much) but tonight I may have just created a nightmare that I can't fix by myself.

This means Bob will have to get involved.

This means there may be some serious grumbling when Bob gets up in the morning. Since I will super anxious and sleepy I'm bound to unleash a bitchy C-Rex.

In the spirit of the holidays I wanted to get my living room painted top to bottom.

I moved all the furniture last night (except for the 2 large sofas and a hutch because I had nowhere to put them) and put all my plastic down, found the tools and in general had everything ready to go for when I started tonight.

Except tonight I wanted to buy an extra gallon of that ceiling paint that goes on pink and goes to white. I didn't think my 3 partial gallons were enough. Bob remembered that we should have had another couple buckets so I went without. Turns out we didn't but he did find a 5 gallon pail of Zinzer primer - this stuff can cover nuclear waste it's so friggin' tough.

Blah, blah, blah - I'm getting there!

Tonight I mix the three partial gallons together and decide that it should be plenty to cover my 25' by 15' plastered ceiling.


I start only the pink is going white so fast I can't keep track of where I am. So I end up over doing some areas which immediately brings my attention to the fact that the ceiling is now bubbling and peeling.

Okay, it's not a huge problem. It's only doing it in one spot.

But my brain is already working (Yeah, not a minute too late) and I have a vision of the previous owner of the home painting the ceiling say 40 years ago. What kind of paint would that person have been using?


Holy friggin' ------

I've finished the entire ceiling because I figure, why get nailed for a little mistake when I can get in trouble for a GI-NORMOUS mistake.

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I went back in and noticed more spots bubbling. I'm trying to remember if this happened once before and Bob said not to worry that once the paint dried the bubbles would recede. I mean, I've done a few reno houses and I'm pretty sure this came up before.

So I'm kicking myself because if I had only used that damn Super Primer I would have been in the clear.

Now I'm just hoping it all dries out cause if not, poor Bob will have to put up a whole new ceiling. And he doesn't have that kind of time before Christmas and hell, who needs to spend a whack of cash on drywall and mouldings right now.

I suck.

Wish me well.

UPDATE!! Hooray!! Those bubbles are starting to dry and flatten out. Oh Happy Day!!!

No seriously, I was a wee bit scared of the morning.

I'll leave it tonight and put on the second coat tomorrow instead of doing it again tonight. I normally have rooms painted in a day or two but I'm going to let this paint cure completely before I put on the next coat. The good news is the next coat will go on smoother.

LOL Cat to celebrate!

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Megan Frampton said...

Ooh, ouch. Sounds like something I would do, only Scott would be hollering at me about 'why didn't I check?' and 'you never think about things before.'

So good the bubbles are receding. Whew.

nath said...

Glad it turned out good Cindy!

Bookwormom said...

Wow. I'll have to remember the trick about the super primer. 'Cuz I'd do the same thing, definitely. Glad it all turned out ok, though.

ReneeW said...

The twin is back! Yes, I've been painting too. Angie's old bedroom walls were a mess so I decided to paint them (ceiling too) yesterday. I even painted inside the closet (which I usually don't bother doing). I really enjoy painting. Looks so good when you're done. I would have freaked out if I had seen bubbles like that. I'm glad it turned out well, that's a good thing to know.