Saturday, November 15, 2008


After an hour of fuming I've decided to let Bob live.

Luckily it's 1am and he's sound asleep so when I discovered some mail under stacks of crap and came across a package that looked like a book, I didn't holler or scream.

I'm a great wife!

I have no clue when it showed up but I'm betting Bob's response will be 'I told you!'

Lately Bob has been telling me things either as I'm going to bed, at noon if he comes home (seriously, I wake up hours later and wonder if I dreamed it) or as I'm waking up.

Things don't compute during those times people!

All the same, I swear he said not a word cause I would have torn that package open and danced with glee.

Instead I wiggled with glee because I was still working on not pounding up the stairs and giving Bob a good shove off the bed.

Like I said. I'm a great wife.


I had no idea it was a trade size book so I lucked out huge!

Also, I haven't seen a copy of it at either of the local bookstores cause I might have bought it if I had and another contest would have ensued.

But I'm lucky.


I'm very excited to read the Singh short story but I think I'll wait until Monday.

This weekend is busy. Bob's family having dinner at their place on Saturday and then my best bud is coming for dinner on Sunday.

So Monday sounds perfect!


nath said...

Hey Cindy! Glad you got it! and again, I'm so sorry it took so much time to send it to you ^_^; But I hope you enjoy it!!

~ames~ said...

LOL Glad Bob is alive. hehe

When I get a package my mom phones me at work to tell me. She always says, "It looks like a book." I love getting books in the mail. :P

nath said...

LOL, Ames, who doesn't? Every time I ask my mom if there's mail for me, she thinks I got a speeding ticket or something :(