Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not Well Over All

Got a call from my mom tonight.

My father, who is working a half a world away has to go in for surgery. My mom called it Dad's waterworks. Apparently hasn't been doing well for a year (first we hear of it) and his prostrate is huge.

I tried for calm while talking to my mom but inside I'm flailing all over. Stones and urinary tracts I can handle with a steel fortitude. Sure I'd be worried but I'd also know that after the operation every thing would be fine.

It's the word Prostrate that's giving me nightmares (tried to sleep with Bob and had nightmares for 4 hours). I don't imagine the prostrate just swells when irritated but it's what I'm hoping for.

So any extra thoughts or prayers would be so greatly appreciated.

My dad is just a pup yet.


Marg said...

My father has been going through something similar. He had an op earlier this year, and was still having trouble, but decided not to go back to the doctor because he didn't want to be told he couldn't go on holiday.

On the drive back to his home, he ended up in country town Australia in a hospital on heavy duty antibiotics because he had a terrible infection.

He's now had another op, and last I heard was better, but we'll see.

I am thinking of your dad at this time!

Megan Frampton said...

Hope you hear good news soon, Cindy.

C2 said...

Oh my! Positive thoughts headed your (and dad's) way.


nath said...

Oh Cindy! I hope you hear from your dad soon!! ((((Cindy))))

ReneeW said...

It makes it harder that he's so far away. Hope everything goes well ((((Cindy))))

LinnieGayl said...

Cindy, I just read this and the post above. I am so sorry your father had to go through this so far from home. I hope he continues to improve.