Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Little Bubble

Many things have been happening but not to me so much. I've mostly been a couch potato and computer whore since early February. We have 3 birthdays during this month which should normally help break it up but, you know, meh.

Mucho progress on the reno house as Bob is there on the weekends - I'm hoping he will be done end of March but April is not out of the question. I think when Bob isn't with me on the weekends every day just melds into another so I am looking forward to the summer when Bob's weekends will be free again and the pool will be open and *fingers crossed* I will have my sidekick Cody following my every move.

Where's my faithful sidekick right now?

The traitor is upstairs sleeping in the bedroom because his bestest daddy ever is sound asleep.

Who walks the dog?


Who feeds the dog?


Who takes him to 'spa day' and any other appointment?


Did I mention I'm the one taking him for walks? I think he may be a bit pissed at me because I didn't bring him up with me today when I went to bed. Cody only lasts about 8 hours so after that he wakes up and gets antsy which of course wakes me up and well, I don't like to be forced awake. So I left him in the den (no hardship since he sleeps better on the couch then on my bedroom floor - at least I'm betting) and woke up to hear him tearing paper to shreds. Yeah. Not my happiest sound. Luckily, the only books I have in the room are too high for him to get to but he managed to dig up last weeks flyers.

Aside: see how I drape the couch in blankets? I know what it's like to get dog fur off of the couch. Still, I let him get up there and get all snugly and who's he with? Exactly!

When he starts to chew things I know he needs to get the hell out of the house so I took him for a nice walk. Course, half way through Bob came home and wimped out of walking with us because he was too cold. After that Cody kept looking behind him hoping his bestest friend would be walking up behind us.

I am not jealous!

I'm not.


I'm already starting to get myself worked up about tax time and it's not due until the end of April. I just know how I file things so I'm thinking it's best I find everything I need now. I don't know about you guys but I am famous for putting an item somewhere where I think 'I'll know exactly where it is'.

You know what?

I never know where it is!!!

This makes me so mad at myself that I start the negative talk about how stupid I am and how I'm useless and stuff. Not happy thoughts so my plan is to try and get the taxes started at the end of this month.

The other reason why I'm obsessing is because I know there will be another *new* thing I will have to figure out for the tax man. Never fails. It will mean going back over the last four years (it will work out to be a good thing for us) and well, the last four years are in 'that place where I know exactly where it is.'

I can't imagine the move helped in keeping it all where it once was.

Wherever the hell that is.

Did I file it under T for taxes? Or under H for holy shit we're paying out the whazooo? Course then there is F for Fuckers who have all our money. I mean, it's a needle in a haystack over here!


This is where I'll fess up to the fact that my file drawers are not in alphabetical order.

Okay, I'm going to sign off before I start the negative self talk.

Avoidance is crucial to mental health.

*gets into some yoga position that Gumby thinks is cruel and unusual punishment* Ohmmmm.

I am SO not jealous!


Jenster said...

Dogs and kids - ungrateful traitors all.

Ach! Taxes!! Our taxes for 2006 are going to be hella-complicated and I'm missing some receipts for major deductions. I think I might cry. I may have to try your filing system and see if it works any better.

Rosie said...

Our new doggy Emily loves me to pieces. My younger son does the lion share of her care, but that dog just loves me. I just wish she would love me a little less when she decides to leave her little black doggy hairs on my beige duvet cover.

CindyS said...

Jenster - that's probably another reason why it's good we don't have children - it's bad enough I get jealous over a dog and two cats ;)

Taxes - preaching to the choir!

Rosie - ugh, pet hair! When I first got married Bob had two cats and our two dogs but the one cat shed like I have never seen a cat shed before. I couldn't breathe the first year of our marriage because of the cat fur on the bedding. Even washing the bedding every other day couldn't keep the nasal passages clear but it seemed to help. I think after about a year your body just builds up it's immunity and every thing eased. Phew!


nath said...

Hey Cindy :)

It's probably just that Cody missed his bestest friend while he was gone? but do not worry, I'm sure you're the bestest mom :)

As for taxes, argh. I hate taxes... I bet just thinking about it makes my hair turn white.